Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Annual Graham Bowl.

Some of you know already that the Georgia/Auburn Football game is a special Annual tailgate that Erik's parents used to have since his sister went to UGA and he to Auburn. We have tried to keep that going over the past 4 years ( but missed last year).
Post from 2007  Video from 2007 
Click here for pics from 2008
We hosted the tailgate this year, and it was a huge success. So great seeing all of our old buddies, both from AU & UGA. Thanks to all who came, and helped out!
 This great lady let me, bubs and Peebs all stay with her. I basically took over her house with all our junk! What a sweet friend!
 Matt can do the most loud, and realistic dog bark you have EVER heard. He gets on TV for this alot!
 Some hoochies! Its a RARE occasion when we are all together! Just missing Nicole for this pic to be complete!
 All the UGA peeps.
Tomorrow is the 4 year Anniversary of losing Dr. G and Mrs. Norma. It's been a rough year not having them around for Peebs. His birth sort of ripped off the band-aid. Please pray for my bubs, Steven and Julie & little Stevie tomorrow.....


Melissa Tabor said...

What a great tradition to keep! Looks like so much fun and I'm Erik's parents would be so happy to know that you guys care so much to keep bringing everyone together. I will keep all of you in my thoughts all week! Lots of love to you guys!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like an AMAZE weekend!! I'll be keeping you guys in my thoughts - hope all is well with you three.

Erica said...

Looks like fun! I love traditions like this:) Not sure who Dr. G and Mrs. Norma are, but sounds like they were very special/important people who are greatly missed. Prayers for comfort/peace for you all.

Courtney said...

you guys are most welcome to stay at my house ANYTIME!!! had so much fun! love you bunches!

Sarah Stanley said...

I'm so sorry we never met up on Saturday. Mom came in town and we recovered dining room chairs. Looks like y'all had a lot more fun. (though I'm totally digging my new chairs!) And oh my goodness, Matt Little. He's been doing that bark for as long as I've known him, and we met in 9th grade!

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