Saturday, November 27, 2010

Peebs Cracking Up! A Must See Television Event..

After his bath, I always give him a massage and lots of lotions! The dogs were on the bed next to us wrestling around and playing with each other and peebs got SO TICKLED!  He was laughing over and over again. Erik managed to catch the last few seconds of him laughing on camera. It is so weird that he has emotions like this now! Weird and FUN!

Thanksgiving Griza Style : 2010

Peebs, doing his thing! He has a hard time sitting still for his photo shoots these days!

He got to see one of his many girlfriends! Little Letta from Macon Babies..

And this little lady who is 1 month older than him , AnnaBelle from The Masters on Jefferson
We got to spend some time with Stevie and see his little Bros for the first time in forever!
All the babies with their Aunt Juliel.

part of our Thanksgiving Feast I bought from Honey Baked ham and just put in pretty dishes and pretended that it was homemade!
The Spread:

The Doggles Thanksgiving Casseroles

Dessert for Humans and Dogs:

Pretty Table Setting

My clean up crew:

Bubs, Juliel ( SIL), and Stevie ( Nephew)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

iPad App Review for Kids: Itsy Bitsy Spider

My friend @coryholder turned me onto these fun ipad apps for kids by the company Duck Duck Moose. (Just FYI, most all ipad apps also can be used on the iphone.) They have several but the one I purchased is called Itsy Bitsy Spider.
It is kind of hard to explain but the app is a colorful interactive screen/s with lots of fun noises, movements music etc. Peebs just watched and i did all the touching to make it move around but he was thoroughly entertained. I switched to some other apps just to check and he cry cried when I put those on and sat still and curious when I put this one on.

Its a good time for the young ones (can you say entertainment in the car for holiday travels?) and is $1.99 in the app store.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Laughing at Baby Einstein!

I love how he has emotions these days. Yesterday he did some laughing , and had some real tears when he cry cried! 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Nativity Sets for Children

I got this Charlie Brown Nativity set ($20) at Toys-R-Us this weekend and I think it is soooo cute! It's going straight into peebs room for part of his Christmas Decor!  FYI they will take your 20% off coupon from Babies R Us if you want one too!
I saw in the paper today that Target will have this "Little People Nativity" Set ($27)on sale for 50% off during its Black Friday sale. My mom has this one at her house that I got on clearance at Wal-mart last year after Christmas. It is super cute!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Stroller Update: Baby Jogger City Select

You guys may remember my post back during pregnancy about my stroller choice, you can read that HERE. A few people have asked me for an update so I thought I would do that now.  You can also read over at The Masters on Jefferson, and the Greshams ( who is a new mom to TWINS) as they have the same stroller and are very happy with it. They each have 2 kids and use it with 2 seats.

Anyway, I have been loving this stroller. We have used it a TON for our tailgates and as a bassinet and all and just recently I decided to use it with the car seat attachment and see how it goes. It worked perfectly. We took a ride to the grocery store, and since he fell asleep in there, it was nice to just transfer the car seat back to its holster, and not have to take him out of the stroller seat and move him. If y'all think your car seat is heavy, try carrying one with a 20lb sumo baby in there! Its VERY nice to have a stroller to push that thing around.
This stroller pushes like a dream too which is really nice. It is MUCH easier to push than any buggy that's for sure! It has a HUGE basket on the bottom which was actually one of the features that made it come out on top when I was stroller shopping. When the check out lady was helping me load up my bags, she commented on how smart the set up was.
Another great thing about this stroller is how my discount store sells all the accessories for it, so I have gotten them 60 -70% off retail. We have the storage bag which is nice for all the extras or different seat because our basement is icky and this keeps it dust free. Also good if you wanted to travel with stroller on an airplane.
The car seat attachment, (which originally I didn't like because of the car seat we were using it with.) I think its a very good idea to make sure your car seat and stroller system work well together before purchasing. Anyway it works really well with the car seat pictured below and most other models. You can check their website for compatibility.

Baby Jogger has quite a celebrity following.  Below is Roger Federer strolling the streets of Italy with his family.
Feel free to ask me any questions if you are considering this stroller. Also watch that video from my previous post showing Baby Gizmo reviewing the stroller. That was super helpful.
My 2nd choice was the UppaBaby Vista. I have several friends who bought that stroller and are very happy with it. I also like the Peg Perego Skate 2010 model.
If I wasn't planning on having more children, I would have chosen the skate. Its awesome, but I was trying to be practical and the City Select accommodates 2 very well, and was the cheaper one of the 3.
Anybody else with stroller feedback?

Peeb's 16 Week Portraits

Here is my little buddy showing off his camera skills. He is not as co-operative as he once was, cause he can move around a little now. He also tried to eat his companion this week.
It has been an interesting 2 weeks on the developmental front !
He is learning how to:
bat at toys,
grab and/or hold toys
he's finally actively noticing and petting the doggles. He watches them and shows intrigue.
I remember not really understanding the importance of these types of development in my non child years, but now that I have one 24-7, I can really appreciate him being able to control his hands enough to insert the paci, or entertain himself in his car seat with a toy etc.

Still a drool machine and spit up factory. I am still working on that. He has been really pleasant lately laughing, smiling and being sweet.  We are having to kind of  re-train him on the bottles because it had been a while since he had one and he was acting like he didnt know what to do with it! He certainly does not prefer it. I recommend actively using both boob and bottle to you new mommas out there because from what I have read and witnessed they can and will take both and its such a relief to know that.
Piggles had his longest time away from me last weekend while E & I were tailgating in auburn my old coworker and friend Tonya kept him. I was terrified he wasn't going to eat for her from those bottles but he did just fine and she said he was sweet too.
He was 18lbs 1oz at our last check in and is almost 28 inches still wearing mostly 9 months clothes!

Ya'll tell me your booboo's stats in the comments cause I like reading them.

** oh and for those interested, i made this photo collage in iphoto on my mac. It was one of the upgrades from iLife '11.** It took literally 1 minute and 1 push of a button. ***

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Annual Graham Bowl.

Some of you know already that the Georgia/Auburn Football game is a special Annual tailgate that Erik's parents used to have since his sister went to UGA and he to Auburn. We have tried to keep that going over the past 4 years ( but missed last year).
Post from 2007  Video from 2007 
Click here for pics from 2008
We hosted the tailgate this year, and it was a huge success. So great seeing all of our old buddies, both from AU & UGA. Thanks to all who came, and helped out!
 This great lady let me, bubs and Peebs all stay with her. I basically took over her house with all our junk! What a sweet friend!
 Matt can do the most loud, and realistic dog bark you have EVER heard. He gets on TV for this alot!
 Some hoochies! Its a RARE occasion when we are all together! Just missing Nicole for this pic to be complete!
 All the UGA peeps.
Tomorrow is the 4 year Anniversary of losing Dr. G and Mrs. Norma. It's been a rough year not having them around for Peebs. His birth sort of ripped off the band-aid. Please pray for my bubs, Steven and Julie & little Stevie tomorrow.....

Monday, November 15, 2010

Apple Announcement ! Soooo Curious...

I have no idea what it actually will be , but if it is just music streaming/subscription service that is rumored I will be disappointed !
I prefer to own all of my own music outright.
Thoughts? Guesses? Interesting timing right before Black Friday!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

2 Little Cousins

peebs had his first french kiss yesterday! we finally talked will into posing with Fenn and giving him a kiss and when he gave him one it was a big juicy mouth kiss! HA
I often move PB's chin and make it look like he is talking and Will totally thought he was talking and would ask him questions which was hilarious. I see things getting really wild at my moms house by next Christmas!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Iphone App Review: iReconcile

Pay Close attention peeps! This is my new FAVORITE APP! I have been a long time user of icheckbook, which is basically a checkbook register app for your iphone. This new app, iReconcile is a better version of that app, with lots of new cool features. The main one being that it allows you to create a budget, and categorize expenses as you record them and they will automatically deduct that from your budgeted amount and you can always check this by looking at bar graphs. 
I have spent countless hours lately making a new budget for us, after realizing on how much we spent on FOOD. I was astounded... shocked... and disappointed in my wifeyness. Sooooo now we have a plan and a budget and its looking good. (more on that later). is great, but not always up to date, as it only records transactions as they clear and not in real time as you spend, which is what I want so when I am out shopping I can look at my budget and see if its Ok or not to buy PB that new outfit with the cute footies etc.. ha
They offer a lite version of this app for Free so you can play around with it and see if you like it. It is on sale in the app store currently for 60% off.
Oh also , it syncs online, in real time as well so you wont lose your data with a phone crash etc.

Monday, November 8, 2010

PB The Reflux Baby...

Little Peeby has embarked upon a new road lately. A messy, icky one. When he was first born, he never spit up, and I remember thinking  I would never get to use all those cute little burp cloths I got as shower gifts, and being sad about that ( lol).
Well, 3 weeks later he did begin some mild spitting up, nothing I ever worried about or that bothered him at all. I did ask my doctor about it and he said most babies do have "reflux" . I was shocked he used the word reflux cause that sounds so harsh.  I was also shocked that so many tiny babies would have reflux, because I could not imagine why that would be. 
So I did some research, (thank God for the internet. Don't know how mommas survived before it) and turns out that babies spit up b.c this thing in their throat isn't mature enough to keep the food in the stomach, not because they have some kind of indigestion. Ahhh that makes more sense :)
Then I tried EVERYTHING under the sun suggested to little reflux babies to help, like elevating bed, sleep wedges, keeping upright for 20 mins after eating. On and on that list goes, and he got better. Then all of a sudden around 3 month mark he starts spitting up something fierce. I'm talking the kind of action that required a change of clothes for him, me and erik, MULTIPLE times a day. Spitting up as much as an ounce or more at a time, sometimes kind of projectile-ish.
All this leads to our trip to the doctor today. Peebs weighed in at 18lbs 1 ounce and he has some medicine to try called "Ranitidine" which is a liquid that he gets drops of twice a day. He also suggested  that I put rice cereal in his bottle to help weigh the milk down in his stomach.
I did both of these things tonight and we shall see how it goes with Peebles this evening.
I plan to pump him a bottle with rice cereal daily now, to help with his reflux and to keep him taking a bottle because lately he has been acting insulted when I try to give him a bottle and he starts bucking and cry crying and getting all red in the face! He did this in the mall today which was fabulous.
On another note, the Pedi was concerned over his remaining Cradle cap, mostly because piggle has been scratching at it in a very aggressive manor that is sad to watch and impossible to stop. He gave me some medicated shampoo to use and told me to make sure and keep him well moisturized to help with his cradle cap and his eczema. Apparently he got my high maintenance skin...
So after the doctor we went to the mall for a bit. Peebs loves the mall as much as his momma. I had a groupon to The Body Shop, (I have been a loyal fan of theirs for over 10 years) and that Groupon was awesome! They have a sweet little baby line now and I got some stuff for peebs and his high maintenance skin and I LOVE it. It was so soft and easy to rub in and smells delish, plus its all natural! I will keep you guys posted if it helps with his sad skin. I have already tried Aveeno, Aveeno for eczema, Safety first natural deep moisture, etc
 It's called Buriti Baby Body Butte
anyway , thanks for all the sweet tweets today checking on PB!  My little dude is all good! In fact he had his first real laugh out loud moment tonight. I was spraying his head with olive oil from my misto sprayer and for some reason he thought that was hilarious and just laughed and laughed. I think he liked the noise it made. who knows. 
Stay tuned for the update on momma's trip to the doctor! 

iPad App Review: Moxier Collage

I read about this app, Moxier Collage over on Beach Bum & Baby and had to try it out! I will have to say I have already gotten WELL over my $2.99 worth . I have wanted good software for photo collages for a long time now and this is perfect.

With Moxier you can change the backdrop behind photos. re-size and move them all around, add captions and banners, add clip art... options are endless. I also printed the collages I made on 8x10 to see how they look ( so that I can use them in my scrapbook) and it was PERFECT. saves a lot of time and space when you can print out a photo collage and paste that into the scrapbook.  You can also use alot more photos in your scrapbook this way. 

Another great feature for this app is that it allows you to integrate social networking sites like twitter and facebook so that you can share your collages there with one click!

And if you are the developer reading this,  I hope future updates for this app would include:
  • ability to change color of text, 
  • more options for Banner styles/text boxes
  • more holiday backgrounds and solid colors.
  • ability to order photo books

Some Great Workout Tunes.....

In case you need any extra music to add to your ipod for the couch to 5k app or any other workout! Personally, I enjoy it so much I almost break it down on the treadmill at the Y.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

MGMT at the Ryman!

Thursday night we went on a double date with the Happy Holders to see MGMT at the Ryman. It was pretty cool. I am not sure what was more interesting, the band, the big psychedelic screen behind them or the fans...  Video Clip below so you can see them. Thanks to Jgro for babysitting my piggy! She said he was very sweet and that they love each other!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Iphone App Review: Publix

Thanks to Macon Babies, I found out that Publix finally got an iphone app! Hooray! Below are screen shots of what all it offers. I especially like being able to see the BOGO offers each week and having access to all my local stores contact info. It's free so if you are a Publix person, go get it!

Things I am Loving Right Now...

The InCase Monochrome Slider Case for Iphone 4. I got it in this exact color ( Blueberry) and am really loving it. It is very sleek, and I love that the bottom piece slides off for when I want to dock my phone in the music player.

OPI " Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous" which is pewter colored nail polish. Its slightly darker than it looks here but I am really enjoying it for Fall.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Iphone App Review: Better Christmas List

Can ya'll believe Christmas is only like 7 weeks away? Time to get planning! Below is a cool app I use to organize my gift ideas and what I have bought, purchased, wrapped and mailed.
It's called Better Christmas List. Check it out in the app store!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Momaroo! A Review....

Have Ya'll seen this thing around yet? It is called a Momaroo by 4moms and is a chair/swing type contraption.  I have seen them in my discount store from time to time, and resisted the urge but finally bought one yesterday for 60% off and peebs loves it.
It comes in several colors and plugs into the wall. It offers several types of movement ( tree swing, riding in the car, kangaroo) etc which is to mimic soothing movements for infants ( kangaroo would be like what it feels like in the womb, jiggling around) and it has a built in sound machine with several options for sound ( crickets, white noise, ocean waves , waterfall etc) and it also has a cord and plug in for your ipod/iphone so you can play tunes through its speakers as well.
The mobile on the top as little balls in it that are black and white on one side and colored on the other ( its reversable) and peebs REALLY likes it. It is easy to remove if you wanted to do that since its not very cute, or if you wanted them to relax and not be stimulated.
The whole contraption is a pretty small, which I love, because it takes up minimal space in our living room (that currently looks like an infant playground), but I love how its color scheme just blends in with our decor.This would be ideal for people who don't have extra space in their house/apartment for baby gear.

I saw on twitter this morning THIS ARTICLE about the Momaroo's celebrity following which was funny! If you have a registry or a baby on the way I highly recommend it! I don't think it can be considered as a swing replacement though, for us anyway, because Peebs LOVES his swing and the momaroo doesn't do that same motion. Maybe a baby who has never been exposed to the swing crack, wouldn't miss it though? Momaroo 2.0 should come with that swing motion and a remote control!
You can buy them from Buy Buy Baby or Amazon!

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