Friday, October 22, 2010

Who Of YOU Sells THIS?

I know this is totally random, but who of you guys out there sells the following:
- Tupperware ( I am obsessed)
- Arbonne Products ( I wanna try on Piggy based on a reader recommendation)
- Stella & Dot Jewelry

Holla at me in the comments section so I can put in my orders! Thanks!


grizaham said...

I do not sell these things or know what any of them are. Sorry about this.


Alison @ One Lucky Monkey said...

My mother in law sells Arbonne and would probably love to help you out if you want to order something. If you email me I can send you her contact info. I don't know what you are looking to order but I use the diaper cream and it's ah-maze-ing. I have all the other baby products from Arbonne and haven't used them yet but my sister said they are all great. Let me know if you want her info!

Maren said...

My friend Dajon sells Stella & Dot! Here's her page: . Lots of beautiful stuff!

Marcia said...

Hi Laura, I went to Auburn with Erik (and Meredith and everyone else). Lots of fun! My mother-in-law sells Tupperware (think Tupperware Queen). We can mail a catalog, just let me know. BTW, Fenn is precious!

Dajon said...

As Maren mentioned, I sell Stella & Dot! Lovin' it! Anyhow, let me know if you have questions! You can contact me at

Andrea said...

I have a friend that sells Arbonne, or at least I think she still does....I can ask her if you are interested.

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