Thursday, October 28, 2010

Weekend In Review: The Warren's In Town!

Friday night, Richard, Julie and the girls came over. We had a pizza party and played nail shop. If you didn't know, I LOVE nail polish and have quite a collection. We let the girls pick out their own colors and they chose all sorts of interesting combos, and used on average 4 colors each! ha We did an orange and black manicure for halloween, and some Alice & Wonderland and Shrek collections.While walking around the house looking at our Halloween Decor,  one of them told me  " I love this place" ! ha

Saturday the Warrens came to town and Andrea and I went to the Flea Market! It was the best Flea Market of the year. We saw tons of dogs, even this one which was a Yorkie wearing a Skunk Halloween Costume:

Erik had friends over for Auburn Football. We had the whole Seller's family which was really fun, and Sean and his new LOVE! ( yes you read that right, seanybug is in love) well , I mean he didn't actually confess that to me, but after spending time with he and his girl that is my diagnosis and I am VERY excited for them both! Maybe he wont kill me for outing him on my blog! ha You can see in the pic below, that Ralphie is still recovering from the news. He is quite jealous.
Sunday was Titans Tailgate! Would have been alot more fun if E and I both had not been up 67 times over the night with a baby who wanted to party like a rockstar instead of sleep. The weather was perfect though!

Little Chlo is quite fond of cousin Peeble, and don't let that look on his face fool you, he enjoyed her too. That is just the face he makes whenever he is not allowed to sit on a boob all day.

All in all a great weekend!


Brandy@YDK said...

what a great time. PB just cracks me up. he's so squishy

Mississippi Candice said...

The pics of the baby cousins is ADORABLE!!!

Kelli said...

haaaa! the PB face in the cousin picture and your description of it had me laughing out loud - a regular occurrence when I read your blog.

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