Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Weekend In Review : Chapmans In Town

We had a great week with BeBe ( my mom) and we finished up the week with a Visit from the Chapmans ( My aunt, uncle and cousins). We stayed very busy and very well fed since my aunt arrived with 2 batches of brownies, some homemade bread, a chocolate pound cake etc. My dog children were really excited about the extra humans around bc that meant there was always an available lap!

We went to the Farmer's Market on Saturday and it was super busy and full of beautiful produce!
The guys went to  the Season opener Hockey Game Saturday night!
Saturday morning we had some runners in the Race for a Cure 5K in Brentwood! Running in honor of GiGi (Jan Parker) & Marti G!!
BeBe, Peebs, Anna Catherine and I cheered them on from the side lines! Melinda DoLittle performed that morning before the race!
all in all it was a fabulous weekend and we were sad to see them go! My mom did leave us lots of groceries and instructions for me on how to feed my hubs so that is good! Last night I made Ribs, Fried Okra and brown rice!


grizaham said...

My favorite things!

Little Fenners
Preds Hockey
Auburn / Titans win!

Great Weekend indeed!

AP said...

Sad I missed out on this trip! Thanks for running for Mom! It means so much! Kisses to Fenn! xoxo

Tonya and Starr said...

I cannot get over how grown Anna Catherine is getting!!!!!

Cas said...

I think Erik needs his own blog, his comments crack me up.

The Masters said...

seriously. I love Eriks comments. I told Mark he needs to do the same and leave his wife some love like Erik does! It's hilarious!

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