Friday, October 15, 2010

Peebs First Preds Game!

Last night, we got brave enough to take Peebs to his first Hockey game! I was worried that he would :
A. Cry and make a rucus in public
B. Be too cold
C. That it might be too loud in there for him.
D. That it would wreck our (barely there) routine for bedtime.

Turns out that he was a doll. So much so that I worried something was wrong with him! He went 4 hours between feedings TWICE yesterday, which is crazy wild for a piggy baby. He never cried, or seemed restless. He just hung out wide eyed and then went to sleep. It did not effect his night time sleeping in the least.
I don't play barbies with him often, but Im not gonna lie, its kind of fun dressing him in his sports gear. Im a sucker for anything with a theme, and a baby is like a whole new fun thing to decorate in my themes! HA Good thing we went last night because I doubt he would be able to wear that outfit again. His muffin top is bigger than mine! Thankfully,  Aunt Marti got him a hockey jersey!

I dressed him in a snow suit and several hats to cover his ears for noise and I think that snow suit was like being in the womb because he LOVED it. and he looked HILARIOUS in it.           ( Hello Kid from A Christmas Story)!

He was really popular with all the ladies, and everyone in general! Too bad a lot of our regular Hockey friends were not there last night! Bro & Shauna were sick and missed too!
In other news, I wore a pair of blue jeans yesterday , for the first time in like 9 mos. That was pretty awesome ( even if they were a size bigger!)

We had a really great family night out, which felt so nice, for all 3 of us to be able to do something fun together. I imagine we will attend many more games this year now that we have figured out how to do it!


grizaham said...

Was the best Preds game i have ever been to for sure!
Great job Fenn!

Annie said...

such a little cutie!! i love the snow suit and you are totally right he does look just like the little kid in a christmas story who cant put his arms down ;)

Sarah Stanley said...

Aggghhh!!! He's totally Ralphie's brother!!! That is adorable.

Brittany said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the snow suit! You're right, it's just like Ralphie's little brother.

Looks like he had fun!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I bet you rocked the jeans -- Go girl!!!

Anonymous said...

LG, he is adorbs, I want to meet him!!

And you're looking like a hot mama in that picture with your booboo!


Julie Bray said...

Outings get more and more fun with the whole family together!!! Glad you guys had so much fun at the game. Fenn is so cute in the snow suit and Preds jersey!

Lynsey and Brian said...

He is adorable!!! And congrats on rocking the jeans. Isn't it a great feeling?

californiadreamin said...

awww he is so dang cute! Great pics!

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