Monday, October 18, 2010

PB's New Sleep Schedule~ IT WORKED!

 My friend Emily, AKA the Baby Whisperer, came to spend the weekend with us this weekend and meet PB. While she was here I discussed with her how to get PB to sleep better since I knew her kids were excellent sleepers. She is a member of the "Moms on Call" child philosophy.
I had her write me out a schedule, and worked to start implementing yesterday when she left around lunch. Even though we only had half a day of his new schedule, I am proud to report that Peebs slept THROUGH THE NIGHT. Now, just to clarify, what I consider sleeping through the night , is a baby who goes to bed at night, and wakes up in the morning without any help or interference from me all night, as in I don't leave my bed.
We put peebs down at 9pm and he slept till 6:30am without waking up at all, without crying at all, just straight up , peaceful sleep. It's a miracle and he and I are both in a great mood today because of it.
Now he was fussy yesterday, probably due to me shaking up his old routine , which was Wake, eat, play, sleep. Generally I would let him stay up for about 1hr to 1hr 20 mins in between sleepings. So kind of the Babywise routine, except at no particular times of day just routine actions.
Now here is our new routine: 

9am Non- Negotiable Feeding ( meaning regardless if i just fed him at 8 b.c he was fussin, feed him anyway, as much as he will eat at 9)

9:30 am Morning Nap. Swaddle and put in Crib

Noon - feed. He can catnap until his next feeding

3pm Feed.

3:30 pm Afternoon nap. Swaddle and put in crib

5:30 pm Dinner Feeding. He can catnap until bath time

8 - 8:30 pm  Bathtime. ( she suggested i just bathe him in warm water, no soap since I dont want to dry out his skin with daily baths.  I used baby oil and warm water)

9pm Bedtime Feeding ( Feed as much and as long as possible, both boobs etc) Then swaddle him up and put him in his crib ( awake) 

I didn't do this all to a T, because it was difficult. But I did it as closely as possible. She said to always give each step a 30 minute cushion and the most important thing was to keep dinner and bedtime feedings 3- 3.5 hours apart. The biggest changes I made was to have him stay awake longer, take shorter naps, go to bed directly after eating (instead of after playing like babywise says) and Feed a TON, which I had not been doing because of his reflux. I have come to realize that his reflux is related to my diet, particularly dairy, so I can cut back his spitting up by cutting out the dairy. Before, the Pedi had suggested I feed him smaller portions, more often so that he could keep it down.

Anyway it's a beautiful day over here in Grizaland. I didn't think this day would EVER come. Erik and I were basically high fiving at 4:30 am when I woke up in a  panic and looked at the clock realizing he had not woken up yet. 
Peebs never does anything the same 2 days in a row, so tonight will be interesting, but I shall remain realistic, but hopeful! Stay tuned

Ps. if you are pregnant, print this out because at some point I imagine you will be wanting to look back on this.


KLaw said...

I am utterly jealous. I have tried something similar and we just get nowhere. Ugh. This is fantastic for you! Keep us posted!!

grizaham said...

It was a weird night indeed.

Monday Night Football !
Go Titans!

Bringing home some Wings.
Have Piggy dressed in Two Tone!

Mrs. Holder said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for Fenners and most of all you!!!! Emily is the baby whisperer!

Amber said...

Yay for sleeping through the night! Keeping my fingers crossed it happens again!

californiadreamin said...

Keep us posted on this!! I have been reading up on sleeping routines for babies and getting them to sleep through the night. I'd love to find something that works -- but I guess every baby is different :)

The Masters said...

OMG! I'm sorry! I forgot to tell you E- (aka the baby whisperer) gave me the whole Moms on call DVD/Book for Jackson. It works like a charm. (ie, Jacksons been sleeping through the night since he was like 4 months old!!!) Now I just need to implement for his princess sister Annabelle that likes to sleep with mommmy!!!!!!

Brittany said...

Thanks for sharing everything that you try out. I'm trying to print out and keep up with the do's and don't's.

Can't wait for the next diaper post! I am researching like crazy but it's better to hear from someone who's tried it first hand.

Lynsey and Brian said...

So happy for you and jealous at the same time! We have been trying to follow the babywise routine and some nights it works and others not so much.

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