Friday, October 1, 2010

PB's 2 Month Stats

Today was PB's 2 month well baby check up! We have really been looking forward to it so that we could get his new stats! Here are the highlights:
  • Weight 16lbs 12 ounces
  • Height 24"
  • Head 16.54 inches
  • Doc checked over the nasty cradle cap and said its OK. Just put some Vaseline on it and rub!
  • He said he has a mis-shapen head from looking always to his right. I am sure it is no coincidence that his favorite hang out ( the swing) is on the corner and I am always to  the right of him when he swings. We are to encourage him to look to the left so his head can pop back out.(so to speak)
  • I need to get some Vitamin D drops for him, which apparently is like a vitamin for breast fed babies
  • We are to practice putting him in his crib while still awake so that he can teach himself to fall asleep on his own. Apparently after 4 months is when babies can form habits so I gotta get him out of his swing before then!
  • peebs got a few shots today too. He didn't really mind them. Doc says fat babies aren't as bothered by them. He has been a fuss pot all afternoon though and I anticipate a night of sleeping on my chest.
I always sort of thought of the Pediatrician as like a doctor you go see when the baby is sick, but I think modern pedi's do a lot more than medicine and teach you about raising the baby too. We always get a neat handout of growth charts and what to expect and be doing in the coming weeks. I have already said how much we love our doc! He's a good dude! He gets a kick out of my sumo baby!

From my awesome "Total Baby" iphone app, you can enter in all doctor information, shots, growth etc. It makes these neat charts:
So you can see below according to the CDC Peebs is  over 97 percentile for weight, 80th percentile for height and 89th percentile for head size!

Put up your dukes!


grizaham said...

Fun day at the Doc!
Sure do love that little dude!

Kelli said...

lucy had her 4 mo. check up today and is 15 lb 2 oz - pb has her beat! we started those vitamin d drops at about his age too. our dr recommended a great place to order them online so let me know if you need that info. and love those lucy shoes!

Meliha said...

I find it absolutely hilarious how much you love to call your baby fat (in many different varieties of words)!


martin said...

Great pics LCG! He looks like a little man.

Brandy@YDK said...

I love the picture where he is winking at us. cute!

Lynsey and Brian said...

Such cute pictures! Glad to read that he is doing so well.

The Skippers said...

I can't believe he is already 9 weeks. Thanks for sharing the stats!

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