Sunday, October 3, 2010

More Baby Gear Reviewed:Newborn Edition

Fisher Price Papasan Little Lamb Swing
I think I have mentioned before that I COMPLETELY underestimated the swing's importance in our lives. We got one as a gift and it has been probably the MOST used item to date.  Not all kids like a swing, but I think this one is better than most because it is the only swing I have seen with a soft sweet fabric, and cozy papasan like craddle so its the closest thing to being held, and all babies like being held. It also has a moving mobile, soothing music, changes to several positions and can be tilted with a snack bar for older babies. The only downfall is:
It is suspended from the top so you have to bend down and dodge the mobile when you place baby inside (some swings are connected on the bottom) and  it takes D batteries and does not plug in. We have replaced those batteries 5 times so far ( did I mention that he likes the swing?) ha....... I would not trade it for anything , batteries and all because like I said, you would be hard pressed to find a better swing. It's sooooo cozy.

Sebastian the Sea Horse.  I named him sebastian you can call him whatever you like but he has soothing music and lights up. PB seems to enjoy looking at that light and  I always turn on his tunes before napping.
I have tried EVERY pacifier under the sun. Seriously. He will take all of them for about a minute but some he will actually hold on to for long periods of time and these  are one of the best ones. I like that they come with little plastic covers so you can keep them in your purse, glove compartment , diaper bag etc and not worry about what they touch.They also come in plain, non obnoxious colors which is a biggie for me. The other Paci he likes are SOOTHIES.
Unfortunately they seem to also be Ralphie's favorites. I keep finding them chewed and stashed in his lair.
A Play Mat/Gym. Thankfully, at baby showers, experienced moms know better than you and will buy you things they think are great. This has been true for me ALOT. My registry is now laughable after seeing what all I really needed. Someone gave me one of these mat things     because little did I know you start putting your newborn down on one, almost immediately. They are to practice being on their backs and stomachs several times a day. I was shocked to find that out. PB seemed way too young for this but I can assure you he really enjoys the stimulation. They make a TON of these at all different prices, and they are all wildly colored. I think as long as you get one with several toys that make noise and a mirror you are set, regardless of name brand or price tag.

Infant Bath Thingy.$15  Wal-mart makes a tiny one for about $5 that I used the first few weeks, and I think most people could use the first few months, but PB being so big we moved right on to this one someone gave us and its pretty awesome. Bathing is not an easy task, and if you are like me, kind of nervous about it so having him secure and comfy in this seat makes it much less stressful. It will also fold flat into a square for easy traveling or storage. It's mesh so he can still feel the water and he seems to like that!  It also dries really quickly. I have no interest in those plastic tub bather things, and think those are probably a lot of trouble to manage but to each his own. I've never tried one so I could be wrong!

I am still working through diaper bags thoughts. I generally add stuff to my own purse and skip the diaper bag, since I always carry huge purses and carrying 2 bags is a pain. Stay tuned!!


Karren said...

Hi, I recently became a new follower!

Thank you for sharing these reviews!! I'm pregnant with a boy and due in Feb, and these reviews have been VERY helpful to me! I had no idea when I started my registry that there was sooo much stuff to choose from.. it was a litte overwhelming for me.

M. Congleton said...

We have the same swing and my girls LIVED in it when they were brand new! I think it's the number one baby thing to have. We spent a ton on batteries too- well worth it though. I've heard they make one that plugs in now
your little chunky monkey is adorable

grizaham said...

Thats some great baby stuff! I think we have gotten about 2000 miles out of that swing!

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