Friday, October 22, 2010

More Baby Gear Reviewed: Newborn Edition #3

A few more things we are really enjoying, and recommending to all my preggo friends out there!

Boppy Newborn Lounger. I am late to the game on this but a friend suggested I get one because I was so paranoid about him slipping down when I propped up on my regular boppy ( nice position for reflux baby). This thing reminds me alot of a doggy bed, which is why Boppy thinks I bought it for her, but it kind of nestles them while keeping the head elevated. It is also easy to move all around the house(floor, couch, bed etc).

I blogged earlier about how I had the Summer Infant Best View Video Monitor and didn't like it. I have returned it and since found one I really like. The Summer Infant Sleek & Secure handheld monitor is a good bit cheaper and I like it a lot more. It's got really long cords on the charger and camera which is nice when plugged in. It also has a better image quality than the previous monitor. It is smaller and the receiver has a push to talk feature which is nice so you can talk to the baby or I can see Erik on the monitor and talk to him when he is in the nursery looking for a burp cloth, I can tell him where it is. Anyway... 5 stars.

I think I have mentioned before how we have this discount store near our house that sells awesome baby stuff from stuff I sometimes have never even heard of, like this Moby Wrap Swaddle Blankets. Peebs, has outgrown pretty much ALL of his swaddle blankets now, cause he is such a big dude.  I found these for like 90% off so I bought 2 and we LOVE them. They are great, and very big to accommodate the larger ( or older) baby. They come in every color under the sun.

 Baby Aquaphor! I had never heard of it but my friend Emily was in town and said it was the baby cure all for skin stuff. Sure enough this cured my BooBoo's craddle cap in 24 hours! So have this stuff handy! CB has little trial sized bottles of it and I need to find out where she got those!


grizaham said...

Lets see.. All that stuff is pretty cool..

Brandy@YDK said...

I loved the boppy newborn lounger too - way more than the regular one. And Aquaphor is a staple. It cleared up G's winter rash last year super fast.

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