Saturday, October 30, 2010

Iphone App Review: Get Running

I told you guys about how I planned to purchase this app and see if it could turn me into a runner! I am about 2 weeks into the program now and I have to say , I LOVE IT. I never, ever thought I would be a runner, but this app is totally making that possible. I have figured out my personal key to exercise success is having a coach, and I prefer an app to coach me more than a person because that is less awkward, cheaper, and works on my schedule! ha The app will guide you through the while time and say, "15 more seconds of running" etc so you don't have to look at the phone if you don't want to, but if you do want it is has a big clock counting down your walking and running intervals.
It works by starting you out with walking and short running intervals in between, and gradually you decrease the walking intervals and increase the running intervals.
I give it 10 stars! Now, does anyone know of a similar app for weight training?  I would love apps like this for different types of exercise to build up my arms, legs etc.
Oh, I should also mention that it works with the Nike + app as well ( not in conjunction, but you can run both apps at the same time) that way, you can still log your miles for any Nike challenges you have going online.
I know several of you mentioned buying this app after my last blog about it, did you guys all love it as well?

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Melissa Tabor said...

LOVE that you introduced me to this!! It has gotten my behind in gear and now I have set a goal for myself! There is a 5K in my favorite cemetery in Atlanta every year on Halloween and I am making it my mission to do it next year. Hopefully I can do one before then, but it's my 1st set goal. Love it!

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