Thursday, October 28, 2010

Do Me A Solid, Would ya?

I know I ask this ever so often, but dang it's important! I was wondering if you fine readers of this here blog would :

  • reach over to your right margin, and add yourself as a public follower! 
  • Leave a comment with your blog address and twitter name! I sometimes have trouble figuring out which twitter friend goes to what blog
  • and then the last thing, and this is a big one, please FOR THE LOVE, link you google name that you use to comment with, to your email address so that I can reply back to comments! Its real easy and takes about 4 seconds.
Thanks! Happy Thursday!


Sarah said... and @bails316 :)

Ashley said... and @AshleysAntics

Kat said... and @CMsmommy

Brittany said... (Confessions of a Newlywed)

Cas said... I don't have twitter, does that make me a loser? I need followers too!

Dana said...

You're post made me HAVE to comment today :)
But haven't updated in a lOooooong while ;)
twitter : iu97alum (mostly childhood cancer tweeting )

The Pepper. said...

The Pepper & Her Pups, we follow:)
Twitter- @pepperandherpup
email addy-
google name- The Pepper

melissa said...

I'm already a public follower, but here's the rest:

Virginia said...

No blog of my own, but I did just add myself as a follower. Love your blog...I'm about to have a little boy in December, and I can't get enough of all the helpful tips and product reviews!!!

Take care:-)
Virginia (from Freshman year @ AU)

Kelli said...

Reid does a blog for our fam at

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