Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Couch to 5K!

Have you guys heard of this Couch to 5K program? @edwardsedition keeps talking about it on her blog, or referring to it so I decided to research it because the bubs has been after me about becoming a runner. He LOVES to run and wants it to be something we can do together. Previously, I had ZERO interest , as I hate to run.  I can only see myself running if someone snatched my purse and I had to chase after them to get it back! BUT..... a good wife learns to share her husbands hobbies soooo  this is some plan to gradually train you until you can run a 5K. The testimonials in the app store were impressive!
I bought one of the few "Couch to 5K" apps available and am gonna get started. Wish me luck!

Sus get this app because we can see each other's progress! Anyone else doing this? Testimonials?


Courtney said...

Girl DO IT. You'll enjoy it. I couldn't run a mile when I first started running, and then one day I could run 4. A training plan helps LOADS over just "well I guess I'll just start running" And you can get one of those cool baby running strollers and Peebs can go too!

I feel E's pain. T hates to run, so he never goes with me. It stinks running alone all the time.

PLUS it's an excuse to go out and buy cute workout clothes. ;)

Cas said...

I really want to do something like this. I want to start running in race for the cure events. Let me know how this app works out.

grizaham said...

Weagle Weagle!
I'm not a running pusher.

But if you have been looking for the following then running may just be for you.

1. The Fountain of Youth.
2. Better Sleep
3. Not being fat.
4. Better Moods.
5. End of world hunger.
6. Cool azz T-Shirts.
7. End or major decrease in things like Hypertension / Hyperlipidemia / Diabetes / Heart Disease / Hypercholeterolemia / Obesity / Health Care woes..

I must stop now


grizaham said...


the above comments were not directed at anyone in particular. I work in an environment where the majority off all health care needs could be avioded with a little exercise thus no need for ObamaCare.

leslieb said...

This looks so cool, how can I start? I dont have an i phone but I do have a sweet ass i pod. Please help, I want to start running with Bill but have not had any idea on how to get started.

Mere said...

Tim and Idid this last year. he ran 2 5k's and I got up to 2.5mi before I had to quit for surgery. He has started back & just ran a 5k and is running 10k in Nov. I started back this week. Its tough but it does ease you into it. It is true that one day a lap seems hard and in a few weeks it seems like nothing. I am not a runner though and have yet to get "the Runners High"

Anonymous said...

Not to add to your wifely stress due to husbandly ego, but that Erik of yours is pretty damn funny! ;)

I wish iPhone apps were compatible with Blackberry apps, I'd be all over that like white on rice!

Good luck with C25K!

Jessica said...

I've never been a good runner because it hurts my knees, but I am a very big walker, we walk every am and it gives me energy before workouts plus Elvis loves it :) good luck, but if you can't run, at least go on a long walk everyday, Erik face is right!

The Masters said...

i just bought the app!!!

melissa said...

I tried this because, like you, I'm not a runner. I was hoping to catch that runner's high everyone talks about. Ha! Didn't happen. Turns out, I've been right all along. I don't like to run. :) But, I do know many people who did the program and enjoyed it. Let us know how you like it!

Caroline's Mom said...

Do it! I did a Couch to 5K after Caroline was born and lost all of my weight as soon as I built up my speed. Plus, I grew to love running. Now, Wes knocked me up again and I can't run. I'm waiting to start this again after February!

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