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Cloth Diapering : An Update

I know most of you could care less about this, but I do know of 3 people who specifically asked for this info ( Eli, Brittany, Robyn). If there are other people interested in this topic, please leave a comment and let me know!
So for now , I'll just speak straight to you ladies! Go ahead and do some research and learning before you have that baby! There is some science behind the diapering!  Thankfully I had a friend mentor me a lot, and still answers my questions. Having someone answer your questions will save you money.
Many people either laughed or baulked when I said I was gonna try cloth diapers, and I think that is because they are picturing old skool cloth rags with metal diaper pins. Cloth diapers have come a looooong way since then! They work just like disposables now with the velcro tabs and all.  They also will save you between $2500-3000 per child.
I started out with just 3 diapers and was using those and disposables to see how it all worked. I wanted to try it out before investing in a bunch of cloth diapers.  We are using all cloth diapers now, except when we go out for hours at a time, like to a sporting event. It is ALOT easier than you think it will be. I was pretty intimidated, but once I finally started and realized how easy it is, I actually find it fun. But I also enjoy washing clothes so... ?
  You should go HERE and read up on the terminology.. Also click above on my cloth diaper tab ( on my blog homepage) and read through some of those pointers.

Its important to know that you can not wash these with regular detergent/clothes. You need to purchase special detergent made just for cloth diapers. No dryer sheets either. Additionally you can not use regular diaper ointments with cloth diapers. All of the above leave residue on the diapers that will make them not wash all the way and retain odor.
Places you can shop around online for Cloth diapers would be:

My fav due to most selection and quickest shipping is Diaper Junction. You can also purchase sample packages with different types and brands so that you can see what you like best.

I think everyone will probably have different preferences on which diapers they like best and what type. Currently my fav diapers are all from ebay.

I like shinies in white because they are easy to take care of and put on and off and they are also easy for other people ( i.e. family and babysitters) to use. They are more trim than others as well and I prefer the plain look and the series of zippers instead of snaps.

For night time I put in an extra insert and my fav insert (so far) is Kissaluvs Diaper Doublers. This is something you slip inside the pocket of the diaper for extra absorbency so that there are no leaks when the boo boo sleeps.

The other diaper I like is "babyland" which is straight from china, and not especially pretty but I like the way the pocket is made, the price is WAY cheap ( 4$) and I am starting to like the diapers with snaps more now, because the velcro can get caught on everything in the wash. I buy blue ones and use these as my nighttime diapers because that way the drawer of diapers is all stuffed, ready and color coded so we always know which dipes to put on at night.

I also had been asked about leaks, and we do not usually have any problem with leaks, either disposable or cloth and I just recently realized that may be due to Piggy's big meaty legs.
 Maybe skinny babies have more leaks because diapers are not as tight on them ? Unsure but just a thought.  I change him every 3 hours at a minimum , except night time when he is sleeping and wearing his night time dipe.( as soon as I typed that we never have leaks, he had 3 blowouts in 24 hours)....

I also think there is a misconception about poop going into your washing machine. You spray the poop off into the toilet and just wash the diaper. So there is no poop in my washing machine lol...
Anyway any of you ladies that would like to know more or have questions feel free to email me! Those of you that use CD please leave comments with feedback and tips for me and let me know how it is going!  I would like to see how many readers are  CD Mommas!


Candis said...

Hey Laura,

I have always wondered what happened to cloth diapers. I had to wear them when I was a baby because my skin was so sensitive. Very interesting info. and I enjoyed the read.

Kim said...

Thanks for sharing! I love the idea of color coding the night dipe, brilliant!!

Brittany said...

Thanks for the info! I'm gonna start ordering soon and all your info is really helping me narrow down my choices!

Eli said...

Hey Laura...good to see you writing about cloth diapers! Our little one is due in 86 days, so I've been doing a little research myself. I went to a cloth diapering class run by a mom who is cloth diapering baby #3. She has "tried them all" and had samples of her favorites, based on durability, ease of use, fit, absorbancy, leaking, etc.
Basically, what I've learned is that the All-in-Ones take a long time to dry, so I've crossed those off my list. Also, I don't like the velcro closures--many moms have said they stick to everything, and eventually not to themselves.
So, I like one-size hybrid covers with snap closures. If you get 4 covers and 24 inserts (I prefer organic inserts, personally)you should be set... doing laundry every 2 days or so.
I like the Flip diaper by BumGenius. One-Size Organic covers plus organic cloth inserts. You fold the rectangular cloths one way when baby is teeny and fold them the other way when he's bigger. They also make biodegradable inserts to use when you are travelling, etc. so you can flush those instead of carrying them back to a washing machine. And they have these super absorbant inserts that you can use overnight if your baby is a super soaker. Mom reviews online say they work better than anything they've used (including disposables).
I love this system--3 insert options depending on the situation.
As far as ointments go... I am against using petroleum products on myself or my baby, and have been told olive oil works on diaper rash--definitely worth a try!
Also, you can get reusable wipes that can be thrown in the wash with the diapers--saving you tons of money as well as giving you control over what's in the liquid. I found several recipes for diaper wipe solutions (water & vinegar based, water plus essential oils, etc. that I can't wait to try) that don't have the awful chemicals that store-bought wipes contain.
Cloth diapers are better for the baby (less diaper rash) better for the environment and better for the budget. A $300 investment will take your baby from birth to potty, and can be used for baby #2 as well.
It definitely takes more time to research the options but well worth the effort!!!

Anonymous said...

How do you "spray the poop off into the toilet"? I mean, do you have a water hose in your bath room?

The poop from my little girl is VERY liquidy. So, there's no way you can 'all' the poop off before washing...right? What are you spraying with, a fire-hydrant?

Anonymous said...

Im with anonymous up there. What kind of spray apparatus are you using? I dont have kids, but I have TONS of friends with beh-beh's and would love to be able to encourage them to move to cloths diapers for the enviroments sake. They say CD is way too complicated - guess they are lazy and dont want to spend the time/effort figuring it out. What about the Tee-tee? Do you just spray the diaper off and toss it in the wash?

LG said...

If you guys google the Bum Genius Diaper Sprayer you will get a link to the sprayer you install on your toilet and that is how you spray off the diapers. You can also use a regular sprayer if you have a utility sink. Breast Milk diapers are a breeze to clean. Not sure about what diapers will be like as we start getting into foods.

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