Monday, October 25, 2010

Cloth Diaper Review #4 : Kawaii

This week I got a FREE cloth diaper from Kelly's Closet. That site offers lots of codes and reward systems , gifts with purchase etc and this diaper was my gift with purchase of cloth wipes (review on that later).
It is a cheaper cloth diaper as far as price goes, and it seems right up to par with most other diapers I have tried. It is pretty much JUST like the Bum Genius Pocket Diaper. About the same size and bulk.
The green above is NOT like the green I received however. The one I got was obnoxious lime green. Some, probably most, CD mamma's like all the prints and colors in the cloth diaper world, but I dont. I like them to be plain, even white! So I wish this diaper didn't look like something from Urban Outfitters but it was free so ....
They also come with 2 inserts, wash and dry easily and have better pockets in them than most diapers I have tried. If you like Bum Genius Diapers, you should Def save yourself the extra $8 and go with Kawaii Diapers.

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