Thursday, October 28, 2010

3 Months: The Turning Point

Practicing his Marcarena

 and I mean the turning point for ME. I am slowly starting to regain my sanity and de-boarding the hormone train.
 I have been doing much better lately, with all things on the momma and baby front. A wise friend told me when I was pregnant that having a baby is like being invaded by a foreign country. And he was right, It does totally turn your world Up.Side.Down. 
Things were going OK, we were making it, but just now, at the 3 month curve, do I feel like myself. We are slowly figuring out how to have a baby, and a life outside the baby at the same time. We are starting to get more sleep too.  I feel more confident in my taking care of peebs, knowing his cries, what he needs, how to soothe him, etc.
Just now at 3 months, have Erik and I finally chiseled out our new roles, and learned how to co-parent. Having a baby is also a bit like bootcamp for your marriage: pretty straining at first but you are stronger for it. 
My body is almost back to normal. I have 6 lbs left ( likely 2 in each boob and 2 in my leftovers). My eating habits have finally calmed down, and I'm not trying to eat 12 cupcakes a day anymore.  I ate soooo much crap when I was a pregnant I wondered if I would ever have good eating habits again.

Breastfeeding has gotten SO.MUCH.EASIER!
In the beginning I was:
exhausted by it,
made enough milk for a village,
I couldn't leave my house for very long bc the boobs would get so engorged.
I couldn't sleep for more than 3 hours at a time bc I would get so uncomfortable and leaky.
I was constantly feeding him or messing with that pump and bottles.

and then somehow, gradually, I stopped constantly having to feed him, my milk let down has calmed down significantly and I can go out for hours without fear of bursting, or hurting. He has gotten much faster and more efficient at the breast. I actually got concerned the other day about my milk drying up bc my boobs were not so rock hard all the time, but I read THIS LINK ( which is a great website for BF info) and realized its all good. I also pumped today just to be sure and got 6.5 ounces in 10 minutes so I think all is well.
I say all this to say, if you are just starting out on the BF front, and you are as worn out as I was, just know that it gets so much easier with time.  I am so glad I stuck with it but wish I had known it would get this much easier a few weeks ago.

I got a tip from my lil sis in KKG that instead of buying expensi nursing tops and tanks, just to buy some cami's with built in shelf bras and wear those instead and pull the side down to nurse. Seems like common sense, but it had not occurred to me , and I find that much easier and faster than trying to unsnap the strap on a nursing tank and they are more comfortable as well and without those hideous HUGE straps. They are also drastically cheaper  ( Old Navy has them in every color right now for $6 each and they come in lengths so you can get long or short waisted ones). I don't even really like the nursing tanks because for whatever reason that make me itch and the fit is never flattering either.. .I felt like a linebacker in those things.

and just in general I am really enjoying my new role/ life as a mom. I used to think when people said they didn't mind the change a baby brought to their world, that they were FULL.OF.MALARKY. I thought it was a conspiracy to get peeps without kids to join them.. 
( I really did think that !) and now that I am here, I can say, they meant it. I am having fun, and I don't mind one bit any of these changes, sacrifices or extra work. Well, I take that back, I do miss traveling alot, and hope to resume one day once I figure out how to do that with a babe in tow. But you get my point. 3 months is a nice place to be.

So anyway, that is what is going on these days with us. I kind of wish I had a time line when I first had peebs to get an idea of when things would calm down, for planning purposes and what not and so for all of you preggo's out there, I thought you might wanna know that things are significantly easier by the 3 month mark, at least for us anyway cause I know it is different for everybody, blah blah and all that jazz.


Mrs. Holder said...

Great blog! :)

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I am so glad you are feeling back to your normal self!!! You have a precious little guy on your hands who is getting his personality!!!

KLaw said...

You and me both my friend! Normal again. holler!!!!!

Your dude is to die for cute!

californiadreamin said...

Love the pics of the little man, he is so cute! It's funny cause people do tell me how all the hard things that are to come are so worth it, so it's good to know they are right ;) Glad things are going back to normal for you :)

Erica said...

So happy you're getting into the routine of being a momma! And about the nursing tops, I completely agree. I bought a bunch of plain black, white, and gray ones and wore them under everything.

melissa tabor said...

I mean...just look at that face!! :)) So happy that you are in such a great place with new baby-dom. I really loved seeing you with sweet. I think motherhood really suits you and you guys produced some seriously precious off-spring! Can't wait to see the 3 of you again soon. Happy 3 month, Fenn!!! xoxox

Courtney said...

He cracks me UP. Thanks for being so honest (as usual) on your blog. I would rather be shot straight about what is going to happen whenever I decide to have some kiddos than be fed some B.S. about how it's all sweetness and light. :)

Glad you are feeling back to normal, I need to come visit y'all next time I'm in town!!

Brandy@YDK said...

glad to hear things are getting better. My husband said I was a zombie the first few months

Anna said...

I completely agree! Three months is a HUGE turning point. I've loved following your blog since my two are just a bit older than PB. I've been dying to know though how you like your stroller. I got the same one (except I use it as a double for the twins), and I love it.

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