Monday, October 11, 2010

10 Weeks " Mom, I am SOOOO over this"

Peebs was 10 weeks on Wednesday, and as you can see, was not really feelin this photo shoot business! He is just like his momma, in that he has very little patience and DOES NOT want to wait when he is hungry. He goes from 0-60 when he gets hungry!

So at 10 weeks, I have learned a few more things. When Erik's step-grandmother Glo, first talked to me after having the baby she said she was not calling "b.c she knew we were still getting to know each other" ,and at the time, that saying struck me as odd, and now I know what she means, because at 10 weeks we are in a very different place than we were in the beginning. I do feel like I know him better, and I feel like I Love him TONS more. I think that bond gets more intense with time.

- I learned not to brag too much when he does something great, or to get too bummed when we have a bad night or day because he very rarely repeats anything twice! ha Its always different.

- He is finally starting to sleep longer stretches and just started that this week. He will now go 7 hours at night instead of 3 or 4. That is HUGE in terms of sleep for me! I really never thought this would happen. I also think this has more to do with age than anything schedule training I have tried.

- Cloth diapering is not NEAR as hard as I anticipated it. I was very nervous to start, and probably only did start because I had blogged that I would, but now that I am doing it, is very easy and really kind of enjoyable, which feels weird to say. I should do another post on the FAQ for that but I enjoy not stressing about running out of diapers anymore!

- My hormones are finally getting themselves in check, for the most part. I was pretty tightly wound and easily irritated and very tired all the time, and so I feel more calm now, but I can still cry at the drop of a hat! ha Watching sad TV shows or anything sad about kids will just get me going!  I never was so sensitive before, So I blame that on hormones.

- I am finally healed! and it feels good to say that because it was a rough go for a while. ( remember this is not the case for everyone so don't be scared preggos. I had lots of circumstances that led to this, mostly my big ole baby).   My dark line is almost gone ( gone above the belly button and faint below it. The fat stomach part, I don't know WHAT to do about that. I cant decide if it is straight up fat or the uterus still shrinking. Time will tell, but I am about to go back to working out.

- Having my dog children and a baby is not big deal, and I cant believe I spent so much time worrying about that. It took some time to get it all worked out where everyone was getting love, and i have a reminder set on my phone to check their food and water bowls just in case, but I still love them just as much as I ever did, and they do not bother the baby at all. Everyone is adjusting beautifully.


grizaham said...

Man hes cute!
War Eagle Fenn!

melissa tabor said...

Laura! I enjoyed reading that so much. So great to hear such a happy update. Love that you, daddy, baby, and doggies are so in love and happy!!

KLaw said...

What a cutes patootes!!! I swear sometimes we could be writing the same exact post. Ever word of it!

Anonymous said...

I love your first bullet point, LG, it's such a healthy perspective and it probably helps you and Erik keep calm and carry on!

PB's adorbsness helps things too, I'm sure!


Susannah said...

Praise God, I do glad things are looking up and working out!!! I love u all!!

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