Sunday, October 31, 2010

Who ME? A Night Owl?

Happy Halloween Internets!


Ralphie is so Honored....

Because his hero, Ralph Lauren, featured a Yorkie on this ad! For those of you that don't know, Ralphie was named after Ralph Lauren, who is one of my fav designers. Most people assume he was named after the movie Christmas Story...

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Iphone App Review: Get Running

I told you guys about how I planned to purchase this app and see if it could turn me into a runner! I am about 2 weeks into the program now and I have to say , I LOVE IT. I never, ever thought I would be a runner, but this app is totally making that possible. I have figured out my personal key to exercise success is having a coach, and I prefer an app to coach me more than a person because that is less awkward, cheaper, and works on my schedule! ha The app will guide you through the while time and say, "15 more seconds of running" etc so you don't have to look at the phone if you don't want to, but if you do want it is has a big clock counting down your walking and running intervals.
It works by starting you out with walking and short running intervals in between, and gradually you decrease the walking intervals and increase the running intervals.
I give it 10 stars! Now, does anyone know of a similar app for weight training?  I would love apps like this for different types of exercise to build up my arms, legs etc.
Oh, I should also mention that it works with the Nike + app as well ( not in conjunction, but you can run both apps at the same time) that way, you can still log your miles for any Nike challenges you have going online.
I know several of you mentioned buying this app after my last blog about it, did you guys all love it as well?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

3 Months: The Turning Point

Practicing his Marcarena

 and I mean the turning point for ME. I am slowly starting to regain my sanity and de-boarding the hormone train.
 I have been doing much better lately, with all things on the momma and baby front. A wise friend told me when I was pregnant that having a baby is like being invaded by a foreign country. And he was right, It does totally turn your world Up.Side.Down. 
Things were going OK, we were making it, but just now, at the 3 month curve, do I feel like myself. We are slowly figuring out how to have a baby, and a life outside the baby at the same time. We are starting to get more sleep too.  I feel more confident in my taking care of peebs, knowing his cries, what he needs, how to soothe him, etc.
Just now at 3 months, have Erik and I finally chiseled out our new roles, and learned how to co-parent. Having a baby is also a bit like bootcamp for your marriage: pretty straining at first but you are stronger for it. 
My body is almost back to normal. I have 6 lbs left ( likely 2 in each boob and 2 in my leftovers). My eating habits have finally calmed down, and I'm not trying to eat 12 cupcakes a day anymore.  I ate soooo much crap when I was a pregnant I wondered if I would ever have good eating habits again.

Breastfeeding has gotten SO.MUCH.EASIER!
In the beginning I was:
exhausted by it,
made enough milk for a village,
I couldn't leave my house for very long bc the boobs would get so engorged.
I couldn't sleep for more than 3 hours at a time bc I would get so uncomfortable and leaky.
I was constantly feeding him or messing with that pump and bottles.

and then somehow, gradually, I stopped constantly having to feed him, my milk let down has calmed down significantly and I can go out for hours without fear of bursting, or hurting. He has gotten much faster and more efficient at the breast. I actually got concerned the other day about my milk drying up bc my boobs were not so rock hard all the time, but I read THIS LINK ( which is a great website for BF info) and realized its all good. I also pumped today just to be sure and got 6.5 ounces in 10 minutes so I think all is well.
I say all this to say, if you are just starting out on the BF front, and you are as worn out as I was, just know that it gets so much easier with time.  I am so glad I stuck with it but wish I had known it would get this much easier a few weeks ago.

I got a tip from my lil sis in KKG that instead of buying expensi nursing tops and tanks, just to buy some cami's with built in shelf bras and wear those instead and pull the side down to nurse. Seems like common sense, but it had not occurred to me , and I find that much easier and faster than trying to unsnap the strap on a nursing tank and they are more comfortable as well and without those hideous HUGE straps. They are also drastically cheaper  ( Old Navy has them in every color right now for $6 each and they come in lengths so you can get long or short waisted ones). I don't even really like the nursing tanks because for whatever reason that make me itch and the fit is never flattering either.. .I felt like a linebacker in those things.

and just in general I am really enjoying my new role/ life as a mom. I used to think when people said they didn't mind the change a baby brought to their world, that they were FULL.OF.MALARKY. I thought it was a conspiracy to get peeps without kids to join them.. 
( I really did think that !) and now that I am here, I can say, they meant it. I am having fun, and I don't mind one bit any of these changes, sacrifices or extra work. Well, I take that back, I do miss traveling alot, and hope to resume one day once I figure out how to do that with a babe in tow. But you get my point. 3 months is a nice place to be.

So anyway, that is what is going on these days with us. I kind of wish I had a time line when I first had peebs to get an idea of when things would calm down, for planning purposes and what not and so for all of you preggo's out there, I thought you might wanna know that things are significantly easier by the 3 month mark, at least for us anyway cause I know it is different for everybody, blah blah and all that jazz.

Do Me A Solid, Would ya?

I know I ask this ever so often, but dang it's important! I was wondering if you fine readers of this here blog would :

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  • Leave a comment with your blog address and twitter name! I sometimes have trouble figuring out which twitter friend goes to what blog
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Thanks! Happy Thursday!

Weekend In Review: The Warren's In Town!

Friday night, Richard, Julie and the girls came over. We had a pizza party and played nail shop. If you didn't know, I LOVE nail polish and have quite a collection. We let the girls pick out their own colors and they chose all sorts of interesting combos, and used on average 4 colors each! ha We did an orange and black manicure for halloween, and some Alice & Wonderland and Shrek collections.While walking around the house looking at our Halloween Decor,  one of them told me  " I love this place" ! ha

Saturday the Warrens came to town and Andrea and I went to the Flea Market! It was the best Flea Market of the year. We saw tons of dogs, even this one which was a Yorkie wearing a Skunk Halloween Costume:

Erik had friends over for Auburn Football. We had the whole Seller's family which was really fun, and Sean and his new LOVE! ( yes you read that right, seanybug is in love) well , I mean he didn't actually confess that to me, but after spending time with he and his girl that is my diagnosis and I am VERY excited for them both! Maybe he wont kill me for outing him on my blog! ha You can see in the pic below, that Ralphie is still recovering from the news. He is quite jealous.
Sunday was Titans Tailgate! Would have been alot more fun if E and I both had not been up 67 times over the night with a baby who wanted to party like a rockstar instead of sleep. The weather was perfect though!

Little Chlo is quite fond of cousin Peeble, and don't let that look on his face fool you, he enjoyed her too. That is just the face he makes whenever he is not allowed to sit on a boob all day.

All in all a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Cutest Little Hunter in All the Land.....

Nephew Wilburs stars below in his very own hunting monologue. He is very "imaginative" and is totally making all of this stuff up, but it is hilarious! 

Halloween Decor!

How about a tour of some of our Halloween Decor. The best part is the yard which is too hard to photograph but it may or may not involve tons of orange lights, and a blow up Frankenstein.
Table Setting:

I made this platter last year with creatures from the Dollar Tree and some spray paint:
Blood Drippings on all my mirrors:
My pumpkin Hall bath:

I LOVE these glitter pumpkins from Old Time Pottery $5. They light up inside with a battery operated rainbow strobe light. Does it get better than rainbow lights and glitter? I think not.
nasty scary fake rat:

Monday, October 25, 2010

Cloth Diapering : An Update

I know most of you could care less about this, but I do know of 3 people who specifically asked for this info ( Eli, Brittany, Robyn). If there are other people interested in this topic, please leave a comment and let me know!
So for now , I'll just speak straight to you ladies! Go ahead and do some research and learning before you have that baby! There is some science behind the diapering!  Thankfully I had a friend mentor me a lot, and still answers my questions. Having someone answer your questions will save you money.
Many people either laughed or baulked when I said I was gonna try cloth diapers, and I think that is because they are picturing old skool cloth rags with metal diaper pins. Cloth diapers have come a looooong way since then! They work just like disposables now with the velcro tabs and all.  They also will save you between $2500-3000 per child.
I started out with just 3 diapers and was using those and disposables to see how it all worked. I wanted to try it out before investing in a bunch of cloth diapers.  We are using all cloth diapers now, except when we go out for hours at a time, like to a sporting event. It is ALOT easier than you think it will be. I was pretty intimidated, but once I finally started and realized how easy it is, I actually find it fun. But I also enjoy washing clothes so... ?
  You should go HERE and read up on the terminology.. Also click above on my cloth diaper tab ( on my blog homepage) and read through some of those pointers.

Its important to know that you can not wash these with regular detergent/clothes. You need to purchase special detergent made just for cloth diapers. No dryer sheets either. Additionally you can not use regular diaper ointments with cloth diapers. All of the above leave residue on the diapers that will make them not wash all the way and retain odor.
Places you can shop around online for Cloth diapers would be:

My fav due to most selection and quickest shipping is Diaper Junction. You can also purchase sample packages with different types and brands so that you can see what you like best.

I think everyone will probably have different preferences on which diapers they like best and what type. Currently my fav diapers are all from ebay.

I like shinies in white because they are easy to take care of and put on and off and they are also easy for other people ( i.e. family and babysitters) to use. They are more trim than others as well and I prefer the plain look and the series of zippers instead of snaps.

For night time I put in an extra insert and my fav insert (so far) is Kissaluvs Diaper Doublers. This is something you slip inside the pocket of the diaper for extra absorbency so that there are no leaks when the boo boo sleeps.

The other diaper I like is "babyland" which is straight from china, and not especially pretty but I like the way the pocket is made, the price is WAY cheap ( 4$) and I am starting to like the diapers with snaps more now, because the velcro can get caught on everything in the wash. I buy blue ones and use these as my nighttime diapers because that way the drawer of diapers is all stuffed, ready and color coded so we always know which dipes to put on at night.

I also had been asked about leaks, and we do not usually have any problem with leaks, either disposable or cloth and I just recently realized that may be due to Piggy's big meaty legs.
 Maybe skinny babies have more leaks because diapers are not as tight on them ? Unsure but just a thought.  I change him every 3 hours at a minimum , except night time when he is sleeping and wearing his night time dipe.( as soon as I typed that we never have leaks, he had 3 blowouts in 24 hours)....

I also think there is a misconception about poop going into your washing machine. You spray the poop off into the toilet and just wash the diaper. So there is no poop in my washing machine lol...
Anyway any of you ladies that would like to know more or have questions feel free to email me! Those of you that use CD please leave comments with feedback and tips for me and let me know how it is going!  I would like to see how many readers are  CD Mommas!

Cloth Diaper Review #4 : Kawaii

This week I got a FREE cloth diaper from Kelly's Closet. That site offers lots of codes and reward systems , gifts with purchase etc and this diaper was my gift with purchase of cloth wipes (review on that later).
It is a cheaper cloth diaper as far as price goes, and it seems right up to par with most other diapers I have tried. It is pretty much JUST like the Bum Genius Pocket Diaper. About the same size and bulk.
The green above is NOT like the green I received however. The one I got was obnoxious lime green. Some, probably most, CD mamma's like all the prints and colors in the cloth diaper world, but I dont. I like them to be plain, even white! So I wish this diaper didn't look like something from Urban Outfitters but it was free so ....
They also come with 2 inserts, wash and dry easily and have better pockets in them than most diapers I have tried. If you like Bum Genius Diapers, you should Def save yourself the extra $8 and go with Kawaii Diapers.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Who Of YOU Sells THIS?

I know this is totally random, but who of you guys out there sells the following:
- Tupperware ( I am obsessed)
- Arbonne Products ( I wanna try on Piggy based on a reader recommendation)
- Stella & Dot Jewelry

Holla at me in the comments section so I can put in my orders! Thanks!

More Baby Gear Reviewed: Newborn Edition #3

A few more things we are really enjoying, and recommending to all my preggo friends out there!

Boppy Newborn Lounger. I am late to the game on this but a friend suggested I get one because I was so paranoid about him slipping down when I propped up on my regular boppy ( nice position for reflux baby). This thing reminds me alot of a doggy bed, which is why Boppy thinks I bought it for her, but it kind of nestles them while keeping the head elevated. It is also easy to move all around the house(floor, couch, bed etc).

I blogged earlier about how I had the Summer Infant Best View Video Monitor and didn't like it. I have returned it and since found one I really like. The Summer Infant Sleek & Secure handheld monitor is a good bit cheaper and I like it a lot more. It's got really long cords on the charger and camera which is nice when plugged in. It also has a better image quality than the previous monitor. It is smaller and the receiver has a push to talk feature which is nice so you can talk to the baby or I can see Erik on the monitor and talk to him when he is in the nursery looking for a burp cloth, I can tell him where it is. Anyway... 5 stars.

I think I have mentioned before how we have this discount store near our house that sells awesome baby stuff from stuff I sometimes have never even heard of, like this Moby Wrap Swaddle Blankets. Peebs, has outgrown pretty much ALL of his swaddle blankets now, cause he is such a big dude.  I found these for like 90% off so I bought 2 and we LOVE them. They are great, and very big to accommodate the larger ( or older) baby. They come in every color under the sun.

 Baby Aquaphor! I had never heard of it but my friend Emily was in town and said it was the baby cure all for skin stuff. Sure enough this cured my BooBoo's craddle cap in 24 hours! So have this stuff handy! CB has little trial sized bottles of it and I need to find out where she got those!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cheap Ipad Stand!

Lately, I have been LOVING my ipad ( a new post on that later) but for now, this is the cheapest ipad stand you will ever find! and it works like a charm.
I purchased mine on ebay from a seller called mango.digiworld for $2.69 TOTAL
This is great because:
- It was less than $3
- Its super compact and folds up for easy traveling/transporting/storing
- you can charge your ipad while it is propped up, and it its protective case, unlike the Apple Dock which requires you to remove any casing before charging.
- perfect for when you are watching TV or movies on the ipad.

It took about 10 days to arrive since it was straight from Hong Kong...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

( I got these pics via text message the other day when Daddy was babysitting.)

Griza Annual Pumpkin Carving...

Ya'll know I LURVE me some holidays. ALL holidays. I have been pretty bad this year about showing pictures of our holiday decor so I will work on that! We had our annual pumpkin carving party last night.  Pumpkin foods were served, pumpkins were carved and the shining was watched!
 The Head Pumpkin!

Justin and Cory's Pumpkins. Cory carved one to look like ERIK! ha
Mine and Tabes Pumpkins!

Group Shot:

Click HERE to see carvings of years past

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