Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ya'll Know I Love to Label EVERYTHING!

So , in part 2 of our breastfeeding and bottle post, let me show you some nifty labels for bottles!
I use the "Label Once" erasable lables in my kitchen on everything! Its awesome because you can just reuse them over and over. I put the small ones on all of my bottles and will mark the date/time/ and ounces on the side.  That way I am using the bottles in the correct order and I will know if one bottle causes gas, what I ate that day by the date label.

These other labels I am considering selling. I love them from multiple companies for different things. I mark all of our gadgets and chargers with them, our tailgating dishes and now bottles because the labels are cute and dishwasher safe and a great way to keep your stuff from being mixed up!
My favorite companies are Mabel's Labels & Stuck On You. These below I ordered from Stuck On You. You can choose your color, font and icon. Everyone in my house has a "color" that I use for their bins in the basement and labels on their items!
I also ordered clothing labels from this site a few months ago to mark any of his outfits that I may loan out and want back. I think I mentioned to you all about how my momma generously loaned out my smocked clothes ( That she MADE FROM SCRATCH) and the lady who borrowed them SOLD THEM to a consignment shop. UGH.  Anyway, needless to say I wont be loaning any family heirloom clothes but other cute ones I mark with washer proof labels you can design as well.


The Masters said...

perfect timing on your post!
I loved the labels you ordered for Jackson (the whale especially since that is his trademark:). I am ordering more for Annabelle. Jackson starts Mommy's morning out tomorrow and they ask that we label there extra pair of clothes we bring!!
LOVE me some labels!
Also, the food eraseable labels come in handy when you have to constantly have left overs from your toddler! They are a huge help when you have several containers at a time for your tots!

Erica said...

Need some washer proof labels for clothes I'll be loaning to my SIL - perfect. Thanks:-)

Kat M said...

Where did you find the erasable labels? I have never seen them and I could get a lot of use out of them. I love labels too!


grizaham said...

one day i laid down in my bed and noticed the ceiling had a label on it that said celing...
i shed a tear.

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