Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Who Does PB Look Like?

Looking at these pictures I think it's safe to say that he gets his looks from his daddy and his appetite and chin collecting from his momma! Remember this pic of my Jabba The Hut days:

Here are some more pictures ( I snapped a pic of a pic with my iphone so they are not great quality) of baby Erik where I really think you can see the resemblance:

 PB makes this same face with his eyes to the side !
PB Erik Junior:


Jessica said...

I think PB has your nose, LG!

Gracie Beth said...

PB looks adorable in that 1st picture!

Julie Bray said...

you are just too funny!
Fenn does look like Erik, especially that expression on his face eating.
But some pictures i think he looks like you, others, like Erik. Fun to watch him grow & change.

AndreaLeigh said...

I can't answer... I'm too busy peeing in my pants from that Jabba picture.

grizaham said...

Two things.

1. He's real cute.
2. After looking at those pix i think he looks like both of us!

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