Friday, September 3, 2010

What Did The Doggles Think About Their New Furless Brother?

Everyone asked before I had PB, and even after, "What do the dogs think" or " What are you gonna do about your dogs etc" and I'll have to admit that question REALLY annoyed me! I had no plans of just tossing out my dog children, my first born, however we did have to make a few adjustments! I was also curious how it would all be, so for those of you who are preg with furbabies at home, keep reading!
They stayed with their Auntee Juliel during the birth and for about 2 weeks after while I recovered because that recovery was rough!
We did as we were told and made sure they were here when we got home from the hospital and had a blanket of Fenn's to sniff and stuff, had some introductions then back to Auntees.
Once they came home, it took about a day for everyone to get adjusted. Poor Ralph had the hardest time, because he is my most sensitive pup, and normally if he barks for something I immediately respond, however now, if he is barking to go outside or wants food,  60% of the time I have to tell him to wait b/c I am doing something with my piggy baby.

Both pups are interested in PB and keep an eye on him but they don't try to bother him. Floss thinks she gave birth to him and has not left his side. She watches me take care of him very close in case I am doing something wrong, and she whimpers when I burp him.

Both pups LOVE all of PB's accessories. Especially his Boppie and bouncy seat. If you guys have a small dog at home, go get yourself a boppie !They just LOVE it!

PB apparently did get used to the barking when he was in the womb because he doesn't really react to it or get woken up by it , thank Goodness!! Two people have told me the dogs seem calmer now, but I am not sure if that is true or not! They may just be exhausted from getting up all night with me and PB.

So all in all, Doggles + baby = Good snuggly times! The only down side so far is the 4 or so dirty diapers Ralph has had for snacks.


Anonymous said...

hahahaha that last line cracked me the h up!! i was NOT expecting to read that!

but i'm glad the puppos are getting along with pb, yay happy homes!!!

Mrs. Holder said...

It's funny how these dogs act...I agree that they are very well behaved with Fenn and the new changes. Ophelia loves Walker and had a harder time with the week of CIO than I did!

grizaham said...

Slightly Good dogs.
Good baby.
War Eagle.

Erica said...

Ugh diapers and doggies! Our George has only eaten two diapers in 8 months, so I can't be too mad at him! Love the Boppy picture!

Susannah said...

Yay!!! So glad Ralphie & Bossy are adjusted!! And Flash us allllll over Emma's poop dipes!

Amber said...

I'm so glad the pups are adjusting well! There has definitely been some anxiety in our house about how Lexi is going to react when Abby arrives (just because she's 70 lbs and has a tail that could seriously kill someone when she gets really excited), but this has made me feel a lot better. I know in the end she will do just fine adjusting - I'm honestly more worried about keeping my sanity through that process and not freaking out the first few times she gets near Abby. :)

Angie Lane said...

you would not believe how many ppl told me that I needed to do something with my cats because they would suffocate my babies! They love them and sleep with them from time to time. One of them even lets Logan sit on him! ha! My Mom's dogs act kinda like yours in that they are very protective over the boys and they learned to sleep through all the barking etc! I love the pics of all you guys on the couch together! ha! Glad the adjustment was pretty simple and easy!

Shannon Naftel said...

SUCH sweet little puppies except for the diapers. YACK

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