Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekend In Review: The Latimers Came to Town!

We had a really fun and busy weekend with some old college friends! The Latimers came up from Birmingham and visited us with their 2yr old princess MA. Friday night we ate dinner and caught up at home. Saturday, the mens babysat and @Mccoma and I shopped. We had some awesome luck at a childrens Store that is going out of business and everything was 60% off. WE got some SUPER cute hairbows. Have you ever seen anything so interesting and cute? I bought some as gifts because I could not resist. They were all kinds of shapes and creatures and SO intricate! That blue one I just bought for the blog pic, because WHO makes a child's hair bow to look like the creatures from AVATAR? ha
and here I am modeling some of the bows ( a lobster and some mushrooms)
Saturday afternoon and evening was all about College football and friends!

Coffee? check! Iphone? Check! PB? Check! cute game day outfit? #FAIL
They just don't make cute outfits that involve nursing holes, and as often as the momma of a baby piggy has to whip those things out, I cant wear regular clothes. UGH Any of you guys have some suggestions for cute clothes I can nurse in?

and look at these 2 in their War Eagleish gear! The Latimers brought PB that little AU onesie collar shirt! So cute.
MA loved PB ( as long as Meredith didn't hold him too much! ha ) she was so sweet with him and would kiss him and pet him and she even told me once " Careful now" ha as in be careful with him! ha  They may or may not have an arranged marriage and plans of attending AU together.
Little Dubs came over to play too ! He had a big time. I call him my feather baby because after holding PB, dubs feels like a feather!
Sunday was Titans Tailgate Day. It was one bajillion degrees outside and not near as fun and perfect as it was planned out in my head.  Meredith and I were being good wives keeping the babes back at the tailgate so hubby's could enjoy the game. Unfort, we had some issues. ABANDONED CHILDREN. I really don't like irritating, poorly behaved children, and what is worse than that, are parents who dump off those kids on other people.
Some random dude trolled through the parking lot, with his daughter and no tickets to the game looking for a tailgate to mooch off of crash, and then set up camp and sent his kid into the RV with us. SHE DROVE ME CRAZY. Meredith reminded me my hormones were partly to blame for this, but it was still hard to tolerate the situation in that scorching heat.
 I don't even think I can do the story justice without re-enacting for you all and I don't have the energy for that tonight! Just trust me! ha 
All in all it was a fabulous weekend and we are all exhausted! What did you all do this weekend?


The Macons said...

i REALLY hope all/majority of these are for my chunker!! Those bows are ridiculous cute! PB looks sweet in his onesie!! Love ya'll

Mrs. Holder said...

We had fun last night! It was good to socialize past 5pm! Ha! Little Dubs...that is adorable! :)

Susannah said...

The bows rock, Sarah is high, and I hope I get my own post next weekend! Will call to work out deets this week

jenn said...

dude, I would've kicked that kid out in a second...AND not felt bad about it... AND no hormones for me, I guess I'm just mean!

Those bows are TOO cute. Where did you get them?

grizaham said...

It was a Great Weekend! MA is such a cute little lady! Too bad it was SOOOO hot on Sunday! Good times anyway!

Mere said...

We asttended the AU game and simultaneously had a heat stroke and a heart attack ;)

Brandy@YDK said...

those bows are awesome. piggy baby makes me smile

ml said...

I miss that squishy PB!! We had a blast, thank you so much again for having us. The fun must happen again soon!

emilie said...

we tailgated and went to AU game and literally thought I was going to have heatstroke!!! lucky for us my MIL kept M on his 1st overnighter--YAY for Gram!!! Erin Cook and her fiance were in town so it was a little mini-reunion of Au gals--wish you could've been there with us! There was "talk" of supper club saturday, but then the hubs and I realized we are old and were really excited to just get to go to bed and not wake up to look at the monitor/ change a diaper/ give a feeding at 6 a.m.!! Sad, no?
For BF wardrobe issues, the only advice I can give is to buy cute shirts that will layer over BF tanks. I had a couple cute wrap-type tops from gap maternity that were sleeveless and sort of loose, so you could see the tank under. and then some button down shirts (either maternity or a size or two bigger than normal). Not super fashionable, but they were ok! I understand your pain though!! :)

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