Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Weekend In Review : Aunt Susannah Comes to Town

My bestie from college (& Edwards Edition) came to town last weekend to hang and meet PB. We had a great time dishing on mom stuff, wife stuff and relaxing. True to form, she cooked and cleaned at this house like it was her own and boy do I love the HECK out of her for that. One morning I walked in the kitchen and found breast pump parts all disassembled and washed and I stood there , BAFFLED about how Erik would know to take the stuff apart and wash it correctly & while I was sorting that all out in my head, in walks Sus and starts unloading the dishwasher and then it occurred to me that SHE washed all that stuff! She's a real good lady.

PB is NINE weeks today! Hard to believe. He has his 2 month check up on Friday and I'll post his stats and catch you all up on that then.

He has been making some cute faces lately, cute noises too and blowing spit bubbles. Below is his "scared or surprised" face. He makes it ALOT

Sunday, we went to Granny's and visited her. She is finally back in her house after the Nashville Floods in May. Her placed looked great but she is still pretty upset about it all. Understandably.
Then we took Peebs to Green Hills Mall where he made his first trip to Sephora while his auntee got herself some supplies. He never has a "blow out" but of coarse he did it right before going into the mall so he had to change and wear the only extra outfit I had on hand ( tailgating clothes).
I really regret not buying that nail polish I tried on listed above called "Already Famous". it looks pretty awesome on. Great for fall. We are having some awesome Fall weather here in Nashville now!
 In addition to our fun times, my internet was down from Thursday night to yesterday afternoon, which is a recipe for disaster with me. Thank God for the iphone. I am also having some post partum issues, which I will likely blog about later.


Tonya and Starr said...

I absolutely LOVE his scared/surprised face!

Brandy@YDK said...

he's such a freakin cute chub fest.

Susannah said...

I had a great time too!! PB is my sugar bunny!! He needs to sleep thru the night for his mamma tho. You need to email me about these PP issues pls-I went thru it too.

grizaham said...

i could look at his pic all day long.


Anonymous said...

I hope I make kids half as cute as PB someday! He is a cute chub fest, to ditto the aforementioned commenter! And ditto Sus, if you need someone to listen to whats going on!

KLaw said...

EEk! He's so friggin adorable!

Kyle said...

He is a cute kid! It was good to see ya'll this weekend and hope to see you again soon.

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