Monday, September 13, 2010

Piggy Baby is 6 Weeks Old!

One Week: ( I never remember him being this small)
6 weeks:
So what have I learned now at 6 weeks? Let me tell you:
  • We have taken our first Family trip /long car ride. It was better than expected. Simply add an extra 30 mins for each 2 hours of driving.
  • PB has started spitting up some, which I am trying to prevent by slowing down his feeding and feeding smaller amounts more often. He started spitting up snot ( ya'll I am NOT even kiddin. Nastiness) and when I called the Doc about it, he said that congestion is a side effect of reflux and gave me the list of reflux remedies. I had to share that because that was news to me. Have you ever heard of such? I thought reflux = screaming but actually, it can just mean spitting up ( i guess). I am also having to use that bulb thing and some saline spray alot to try and clean his little piggy nose out. Next up on my list of experiments is the humidifier.
  • I have gone from exclusive pumping to almost exclusive boobs again. Long story which will get its very own blog. I am sure you are all on the edge of your seats for that one.
  • I think PB knows I am his momma. He looks at me now, kind of like "hey I know you, the one with the food". I also think he knows Erik is dad and Mom is Bebe. He looked very long and inquisitive like at my mom when they were reunited at the beach and he smiles when Erik kisses him. 
  • PB makes ALOT of faces. My most fav face tho is when he has been fed and is really full kind of on a milk drunk and holds his head up all wobbly with his eyes shut and smile on his lips. Its hilarious and we kinda got a pic of this at our beach shoot ( see below
  • I have come to realize that, I may never be carefree again now that I have a booboo. That's just a fact because you cant really do anything without thinking of him or considering him. I don't take any chances like I used to ( texting and driving) etc because I love my PB and dont wanna leave him momma-less. I just realized this week that is likely a permanent feeling. ha
  • PB is now approximately 14 lbs.
  • Pb LOVES to be burped. He wants me to pat his back for hours and gets all squirmy and grunty when I stop!


grizaham said...

Yeah his legs look tiny in that 1st pic!
Had a great time with my PB @ the Titans tailgate.

Anonymous said...

He has filled out and looks so adorbs!!!

Enjoy the boogersucker, that blue bulb thing led to my permanent nickname! I hope his reflux gets better - poor booboo!

Susannah said...

He is giant and adorns and I live him!!!

Susannah said...

Love him, gah!

Kelli said...

really am looking forward to the post about pumping v. exclusive boobs!

Anonymous said...

Eleanor had acid reflux stinks. She spit up every 20 minutes until she was 9 months but at least he doesn't have colic!


Cary said...

Looks like y'all are having entirely TOO MUCH FUN - I mean with a 6 week old and all!! And his thighs are gonna give Miss Scarlet a run for her money!!
Glad y'all are enjoying because he is adorable!

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