Sunday, September 19, 2010

Iphone App Review: Milk Maid

Basically, an app made for organizing and timing Milk production /pumping. I like and hate this app at the same time. It has some super useful features like a timer to use when you pump and a place to record how many ounces and so forth.
But the part where you have to move the milk around in the app from storage places and mark when used was annoying to me. I would rather have a straight history of how much I have pumped and how much is in the freezer with dates and ounces.

So over all I givet his app a C. I use it for the timer and the reminders you can set to pump like an alarm clock. The other sections I just dont get but there are VERY FEW apps available to manage milk. Do you guys know of any others/better ones?

1 comment:

Meliha said...

Have you tried Itzbeen ( I've heard others have found it useful.


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