Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cloth Diapers: Take Two : Shinies

I am really gaining ground in the Diaper world I tell ya !
One of Erik's frat brothers from Auburn, Jeff Holomon, who was also Aubie, is married to a very skilled cloth diapering wifey and she has been schooling me this week. Thank you Katy and Thank you Kelli too!
So I told you guys last week that I was going to try some of the cheaper ones on ebay out. I had some great success. I bought a Shinies cloth diaper in white for $9.74. It is a Canadian diaper. The guy that sells them on ebay is a VERY quick shipper. I had another one of those "OMG this is my new life moments" when I was SO excited about that diaper arriving in the mail. Normally I only get that excited about a new handbag! ha


  • Pocket Diapers, even though they are listed on eBay as a AIO
  • Easy to get on and off
  • Easy to wash/washed well/dried quickly
  • Did not leak. 
  •  APLIX - Loved the Aplix tabs. They are much smoother than the velcro on other diapers, doesn't hurt or scratch when you touch it. Doesn't catch on everything in the wash either.
  • One Size - Instead of snaps, this diaper uses a series of zippers to change the crotch length as baby grows and not have to buy age appropriate sized ones.
  • Comes in 5 sherbet colors (white, blue, pink, orange or green). For some reason, I just like them to be white and so I have this in white and its perfect. 
  • This diaper is very trim, which is a must for me so that his clothes fit like normal. This diaper is MUCH trimmer than the bum genius one i reviewed last week.
I heard that the best, most absorbent inserts are made from Hemp and plan to try some in the next week or 2.

** Update**
I have been using the diapers for a few weeks now, and I have to say they are my favorite brand. I have tried Bum Genius Pocket, Bum Genius AIO, Thirsties, Mamma Little Helper  and this has been the cheapest and my most favorite of all diapers tried.


Random Sharona's Flying Om said...

Hi, I have an 11 week old little boy and have been trying to use G-Diapers but they leak if you don't change them about every hour....which is exhausting. How are these working out for you?

MaryMary said...

Hello! Thank you for sharing your reviews! My daughter uses Babyland almost exclusively, she really likes them! Will you be sharing your reviews on those also? Since reading your reviews, I think I am going to get her a few Shinies to try!

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