Monday, September 20, 2010

BUMC Consignment Sale

Thanks to Mrs. Wiggs I got an early shoppers pass to the BUMC consignment sale this past Thursday. It was so much fun! Thanks Mel!
As usual these ladies do not play around! The doors opened at 5 and at 4:45 some of the ladies out of the huge line got up and started stretching like they were about to run a race! HA
I found TONS of cute and wonderful things. Consignment sales are so much more fun as a parent ( than as a pregnant lady)  because you know your kids size and needs much more accurately. While I was sorting my choices before purchasing, a girl walked out and said " thats so funny you have ALL of my stuff I consigned" which I thought was neat. I guess we both have sons and like the same namebrands and solid colors! ha
Here are a few of my Fav Items:
Kissy Kissy Smocked Suit $6
War Eagle-ish Ralph Lauren outfit $6
Brand New NFL Licensed Titans outfit with matching hat $4
Pixie Lily Day Gown:$2


melissa said...

Such cute finds!

Kelli said...

i feel the same way about the sales being better as a momma than a pregnant lady! i went to one here in UT last weekend and going to another this weekend.

grizaham said...

Great find!

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