Friday, September 3, 2010

BreastFeeding Feedback and Product Reviews

I have had some email requests to review Breast Feeding supplies so here you go ladies:
I know this will be different for everyone but this is just my 2cents.  Pretty much in all items breast feeding related I prefer the brand "Medela". 

 One of the most valuable purchases I ever made was a quality breast pump. I have the Medela " Pump in Style" and am very happy with it, however had I known that the Medela "Freestyle" was hands free I would have chosen it. I had no knowledge of anything breastfeeding so it never occurred to me that hands free was an option or anything. In case you have not thought it through ( like me) you have to sit there and hold up 2 pumps for about 10-15 minutes at a time. With your hands occupied you can not text, tend to baby, or basically do anything. It also hurts my back sitting in an awkward position to pumps so hands free would be nice. I solved this problem with a bustier that holds up bottles so that I can be hands free.

I love that both pumps come in that handy discreet bag, which is easy to travel with, because it holds all its accessories and even plugs into cigarette lighter in car. I ended up returning all bottles and just using the Medela ones it came with.  It also comes with a battery pack that works really well if you need to pump somewhere with no access to power, so buy some AA Batteries.
Now I have heard if you rent your pump from the hospital that you get a lot of extra parts. If that is the case I would consider renting just because those accessories are EXPENSIVE and having several of them sure makes life easier. Otherwise each time you pump you must get up and wash dishes. That is sooo not fun at 2am after you have already fed baby and pumped and are dying to just go back to sleep.

Bizzy Babee Nursing Shawl $39. It comes in several colors. My SIL has a brown one and a cream one and they look nice and don't draw attention while giving great coverage and allowing you to do what you need to. You can also use this over your pump if you are doing that in public or have guests.

An Accessories basket. I bought a shower caddy and filled it with these things and kept near my pump so I had easy access to it and it was easy to move them around if need be.

Medela  "Quick Clean "Wipes for cleaning breast pump parts. Very convenient. $8 Only really necessary if you are pumping on the go, like say in the car. I keep a pack in my bag just incase.

Medela " Lanolin Nipple Cream" $8. I like this kind better than other brands because it is not so thick. It is thinner and easier to spread on. It is something you will definately need starting out but not really need once you get established. Consider it chapstick for the boobies.

Medela Quick Steam Bags - These are great for sanitizing. No boiling needed just 1 minute 30 seconds  and a microwave!

Medela Freezer Bags - Freezer bags are kind of pricey, but I did price each and every brand/store and so I can tell you that the cheapest ones are the Lansinoah $12.99 pack but you get what you pay for. I prefer Medela ones because they tape to your actual pump instead of having to dirty up a bottle, and you can just zip them up and freeze afterward. They also can stand on their own and dont leak and get all messy like the cheaper ones. Check it out for yourself but that is my opinion. I buy  the $20 pack and use my BRU 20% off coupon on them.

I like these Lily Padz to keep you from leaking ( Hello Hobby Lobby Incident). They are the cheapest and greenest option since you are not using anything disposable. Small and Easy to keep around, like in you purse etc. $20 for one pair, which I think is all you need.

That is a good starter list for supplies. Would love feedback from others on special things they found that worked well for them. 


Angie Lane said...

Love all the info Laura! I wasn't a big breast feeder, but tried both times... from my small tiny bit of experience, I just bought a hand pump and it was miserable! I wish I had spent more and gotten one like yours, might have breast feed longer... so while it's a lot of money sometimes, I totally agree with you that it has to be a good quality one to get the job done right! and the "chapstick for the boobies" is a must!!! Stock up on it! I can't remember which kind I used, I think it was the stuff the hospital gave me, but it's a definate must!!! I'm going to have to keep this stuff in mind if I have anymore babies!

grizaham said...

Breast milk is gold!
Laura seems to really enjoy the hands free thingy.
Keep it up.
Fenn & I appreciate you.


Susannah said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE times a million my Medela pump in style! And yay on the steam bags too-they rock! I bought 3 nipple shields and that way I didn't have to wash them every time I pumped-since I was pumping 4-5 times per day.

Amanda said...

I agree with you all the way Madela is out of this world! Thanks for all your helpful info! Keep it up!

emilie said...

hey LG!! I had the same medela pump and totally agree with you--if I had it to do over, would've coughed up the extra $100 or so for the hands-free! I also LOVED the steam bags!! Mitchell wasn't a good eat-from-the-boob baby so I started pumping almost immediately :( My trick for freezing though was to buy a couple of ice cube trays. I poured from the bottle into the ice cube trays, covered with saran wrap and froze. Then you just pop the "milk cubes" out and into ziploc baggies. I figured out the trays I bought made 1 oz. ice cubes, so I'd bag either 4 or 8 together so that I'd have 40z or 8oz of milk! It was really easy and cheap, too. Also, I know this doesn't help you now, but for others that might read this, we got the tip to ask while you are in the hospital for a breast pump kit. They will give you (for free!) a kit that has a set of the tubes, breast shields, those white flange things, and I think a coupel medela bottles, but I can't remember now. This is the kit that you'd need if you rented a pump from the hospital. The lactation consultant that we took a BF class from before M was born told us to ask for this. She said that if you ait until after you leave the hospital, she has to charge you for it, but if you ask while still there, they will just give it! This saved me from having to wash everything every single time I pumped!! Good for you that you're still doing it! I lasted 10 weeks and then just had to stop. My little guy just eats WAY too juch--all I could get donr in a day was pumping and feeding him! ha!

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