Friday, September 17, 2010

Blogger Tag : 8 Questions

Ya'll I am way behind on blogging, reading blogs, and commenting. Normally I comment on just about every post I read, but now that I catch up on blogs at 2am on the ipad while nursing I dont have a free hand for the commenting. Please forgive!
I got tagged by a few peeps in the 8 question thingy so here goes:

My Chiquaqua Bites Tagged me with these questions:

  1. What do you miss most about your pre-children life, if anything?
I miss being carefree. I cant do that anymore. There is not a second in the day that i dont think or worry about my piggy. Momming is a full time job, with no holidays or weekends off.

2. What advice would you give moms-to-be or those thinking about becoming moms?
- Hmm. I hesitate to give advice without being asked. I hate to be the girl that says this but here i am , saying, You just wont understand or appreciate any of that advice till you are there, living it.
3. If you won $8 million in the lottery, how would you spend the money?
so many ways I cant even count them all. It would be a combo of MAJAH shopping, traveling with my bubs and PB and doing some nice things for people I care about. Starting with buying a Nashville house for my parents so that that would HAVE to come up here at least once a month! ha  and tithe.
4. If you had the talent and training for any profession, what would your chosen profession be? Well I am half way there, I would want to be a marriage counselor, which is why I have a degree in Psych. But i need some grad school......
 5. If you could compete in any reality show, what would it be? None. I dont want to be on TV showin everyone all my faults and crazy. I also am not a competitive person.

6. If you could pick any celebrity to be your BFF, who would it be? Nicole Ritchie. For sure. I wanna borrow her clothes and talk kids with her
7. Let’s say you got invited to the Academy Awards. You get to choose any designer to dress you. Who would it be and why? Who knows! I am more into the dress than the designer I think. I dont really like getting dressed up anyway

8.What have you gained by blogging?
Tons of things, mostly friends, a community and neat information. BLogging is a great resource for many things, and it also keeps all my family informed, and is like a scrapbook because I forget things , like daily...  when I got back and read a post from last year, its like I am reading it about someone else! ha

Edwards Edition Also tagged me with these questions:

Now, my 8 questions:

1)How clean are you? Describe your OCD ness or lack thereof.
I would say I am pretty clean, but not always neat. I like things very organized and labeled, but at the same time, wherever I am,  I am surrounded by piles of things. For instance lately my hang out spot is the couch, so around me now is computer stuff, and tons of scrapbooking stuff, and my purse. I dont like to clean the piles till I am done with the project which could take weeks. ha...
 I have had this problem since 1st grade. ( Teacher sent a note home to my momma)

2)Do you prefer pasta or rice as a side?
I consider Pasta its own meal, and rice as a side item.

3)What is your favorite healthy lunch?
HA! I dont even know what  a healthy lunch is. I eat what I can, when I can these days. There is certainly no planning involved.

4)How often do you workout/exercise? hmmm none lately. I used to go about 3 times a week. I may or may not get back to that. I told Erik I will try to take up running, since he is obsessed with it and always wanting me to try it. I was the girl that took band in school to avoid PE.........

5)What is your typical weekend like??
Weekdays and weekends are all the same in this house since Bubs work schedule is not strictly week days and I am a SAHM

6)How often do you see your immediate family? pretty often. Varies on the schedule of life and all but now that I have a booboo I feel like I get homesick now, especially for my momma. Kind of ironic that I went my whole life being independent and then turned 30 and have an intense need/love for my parents.

7)Do you want more kids? How many more? (If you have none yet, how many do you want?)
yes. I always said If I had one, i wanted a passle. ( that's my brother's word for flock etc) I hold to that now, and want 4. Erik says 2. I will trick him. I really love big families, and after what happened to his parents, it is important to me that my kids never feel alone. If something were to happen to Erik & I, I want them to have some siblings or some sort of family left. I cant imagine what it would feel like if we didn't have Julie & Bro...
The trick of it all is being pregnant again. I dread that. .... also I'm getting old...

8)What is your favorite thing to do besides play with technology??
Sus must have written this question just for me! ha I like to blog, play online, shop, scrap book, work on some sort of project or craft .... I used to really love reading magazines but I have a stack of about 20 now that need to be read and it feels more like a chore than a pleasure.

Now , I tag the following peeps to answer any 8 of the above questions! I am too lazy to write my own.
Megan from Its a Wonderful Life
Mere from The Journey Within
Fran from The Skippers
Merejo from Southern Scenes


Mehrnush said...

"I will trick him!" LOL

Brandy@YDK said...

wow 4 kids. have fun with that.

Angie Lane said...

I love reading all this about you! So much fun! and I'm in that same boat with you, I want four babies too! but Hubbs always said two was enough, but I think our little ones have changed his mind! Your "trick him" thing made me laugh! ha!

Angie Lane said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
grizaham said...

Great answers skrunks..
You and me, Country Music Halfskies.. April 2011


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