Friday, September 17, 2010

2010 VMA Awards...

Even though the VMA's were last week, I still cant stop thinking about them! It was a great show, much better than years past IMO. Did ya'll watch? Do you Agree? The set/stage was sick. I loved each and every one's stage.  I also enjoyed Chelsea Handler hosting. She was funny and entertaining, unlike most award show hosts!
Here were the highlights:
Opener with Rihanna and Eminem. I am a fan of BOTH and I love that song "love the way you lie"

I had not heard of "Drake" before and love him. Loved his swagger coming down those stairs and love this song ( which is why I keep twittering about "Nails done ,Hair Done , Everything Did")

2010 MTV Video Music Awards - More VMA Video

I love paramour's voice and this song but her outfit was ridic ! UGH

2010 MTV Video Music Awards - More VMA Video

I love, love , LOVE BEIBS! He is sooo dang cute and I also like his music, even though I am not 12. I realize this makes me a total cougar! But , I'll be a cougar for Biebs!!

I also really enjoyed Ursher, as usual.

and I totally hate to admit it, but I dig Kanye's song "Runaway" at the end of the night. I hate him but I downloaded the song ( and you can too for FREE here)
Glad to see, he is aware of how everyone feels about him now.


Brandy@YDK said...

I didn't get to watch the VMAs this year. boo

Gracie Beth said...

Thank you for sharing the Kayne link! He made Taylor look like a fool!

grizaham said...

VMA's = Fail
PB = Cool baby!

War Eagle!

Good review though.

Beibs looks mad hot in the purple.

Mississippi Candice said...

I LOVED THEM!!! I TOTALLY HAVE BIEBER FEVER!!! I will be a cougar with you!

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