Monday, August 30, 2010

Ya'll Know I Lurve A Good Monogrammed Bag:

 Combining 2 of my favorite things , bags and monogramming! Fall is the perfect time to stock up on some new accessories. Accessories just happen to be one of my favorite things so when Simply Bags asked if I wanted to review a MONOGRAMMED lunch bag, I was all "YES", "PLEASE" and "THANK YOU! "
My SIL Juliel has been looking for something like this forever to take her lunch to work in. Its hard to find a nice adult looking lunch bag these days, as I have been keeping my eye out for her forever.  Below is mine! I had mine monogrammed with my twitter name ( @grizas) because I thought that is a neat idea when Paul B in Memphis mentioned it!

My favorite thing about this bag though, besides the adult look is the quality of the bag. It is structured and not all wobbly collapsable! Which is nice for things like sandwiches!!  All of their bags come with FREE monogramming and the prices are unbeatable.

I also really love these bags. They are only $15 and remind me of the famous Longchamp purse. What a great gift idea, especially for things like bridal party favors etc.

Here are some other cute options:

This is a lunch tote too! How sophisticated!

Ive seen alot of moms at the Pool with this bag, it is big and boxy for towels and such:

anyway head over to Simply Bags to check them all out and the bazillion other options.


Brittany Ann said...

That's adorable! I love it's structure!

grizaham said...

Sweet bags! ;-)

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