Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wanna be my Tweep?

I hear a lot of people inquiring about twitter, what it is and what the purpose is. I have to tell you I LOVE it. Yes it does take you a minute to catch the hang of it and understand its usefulness so I think if you sign up, you need give it a week or so ..
So here are some commonly asked questions:
  • Can I see twitter on my phone or must I check it on the computer? You can totally get twitter updates on your cell in the from of plain texts or by using a twitter app for your iphone/droid/blackberry etc. Most people use twitter on their cells I think.
  • Who Do You follow? You follow whoever you want to HEAR talk. So if you like news, follow your local news company, if you like food, follow chefs or food magazines. If you like shopping follow your fav designers, follow your friends or other bloggers. I change my follows often because sometimes I think it would fun to hear what John Mayor says, until I realize he tweets every 30 seconds. I wasn't THAT interested in his thoughts.
  • Can I just follow people or do I have to also tweet? You can just follow if you like. Twitter can send and receive info of just do one or the other, totally up to you.
  • What is the PURPOSE of twitter? I think that answer varies from person to person but I use it for quick answers and info. I follow our local traffic department and get instant updates on say, why the interstate is backed up, or what roads to avoid. I follow all my bloggy friends b.c chances are if I have a question about anything , they will know the answer! I also get tweets from itunes, mac writers, all my local restaurants, friends, The Kardashians!, the farmers market. You name it. I have also had several problems resolved via twitter when I complained about certain companies. They contacted me immediately and took steps to resolve without me getting on the phone to call someone. Another thing is I follow Direct TV and get updates from them about shows and also had them tweet once on how to fix our DVR when it was out. That was super convenient.

SO are we tweeps?  If you read my blog and do twitter, please comment with your twitter name cause I wanna make sure we are tweeps!

I am @grizas and the bubs is @grizaham if you wanna follow us!

Happy Tweeting!


Anonymous said...

oh we're tweeps alright! ;o) @deborahbarnett

Julie Bray said...

umm, maybe I'll try it out. But sounds pretty time-consuming. Also, do you really think the celebs are actually updating their own public twitter accounts? I think they would have an assistant for that stuff. Trying to make them seem interesting and all..... just a thought.....
But I'll give it a week like you said.

grizaham said...

Twitter is great. It's like hooking a news feed up to your mind..
iHate has no boundaries. It reaches to twitter & FB.
I'll never understand..

Brittany Ann said...

Oh, girly, we're Tweeps!

I was reluctant at first, but now, I love Twitter.

Ashley said...

I'm your tweep, but I don't think that you're mine. I'm @AshleysAntics

Caro said...


Anonymous said...

I can see the pros and cons in tweeting, but I don't think I can do it - I'm not feeling like it'll be a good use of my time LOL! I'd rather text and blog and email - do you text on your iPhone?

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