Monday, August 23, 2010

Trying New Things...

This weekend we tried a few new things with my Piggy Baby! Now that he is almost 4 weeks old I am finally getting brave enough to try stuff.
We had our first dinner out in public with Marty and Eli (who were in town and staying with us for a few days ) at Taco Mamacitas. He did very well, mostly slept.

We had our first babysitter for Fenners and outing for Mom and Dad. We went to The Flying Saucer and then the Ray Lamontagne / David Gray Concert. Mom left after Ray and came home to PB! It was fun and the Grouts did an excellent job of babysitting and learned all about diaper changing and little boys who use their weenies like a water gun!

  We are mastering the bathing in the tub with water! He doesn't cry but looks kind of perplexed and usually pees on me!


Brooke said...

Love the video! I have a little girl so I have not had to worry about suprise "showers" yet. Try putting a wet washcloth over him and that will protect you!

Angie Lane said...

aww that's too cute!!! You are such a good little mama!!! I love the pic of him and Erik sleeping together! Too cute!

Amy W said...

I just love your posts. I think I am living vicariously through you and CB! So fun!

ml said...

That video is PRESH! You and Erik are great parents!

grizaham said...

Taco Mamacita is very good.
Ray Was Great.
Bathtime is the best

Shannon Naftel said...

So precious Laura, the picture if Erik and baby Fenn just melts my heart and watching you bathe your little boy and him tee teeing on you makes me giggle. so happy for you guys- something for me to look up to which is hard to come by these days!

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