Saturday, August 14, 2010

Friday's Events and Consignment Sale

Not sure what is going on with my Piggy Baby ( who will from now own be referred to as PB)!  I have done some research and it seems he may be having his 2 week growth spurt b.c he has been waking up every hour to eat. Sleeping for ONE hour at a time and being a little fussy. He normally never makes a squeak unless I don't listen to his hunger cues, but now he wakes up with a cry and he ain't trying to be any kinds of patient for food or diaper changes. We shall see how much longer this lasts! Supposed to only last for around 3 days ( up to a week YIKES) because even with momma taking some night shifts its exhausting! So in order to preserve some sanity, I had to get out of the house today and do something fun and productive! Mom and I went to Old Navy and while there we accidentally discovered the HUGE Encores and More consignment sale next door. Tomorrow is the last day so everything was marked down 50% ( woah) and I got some much needed items. See below.

Ralph Lauren Navy Cord. Snow suit $4. Super cute.

Freezer organizer for Breast Milk Bags $1. These are $17 retail and I was actually gonna buy one yesterday before I found this one! Score! Small parts dishwasher box , and a bag of Medela Bottles and parts $2 ( instead of $20). (Don't worry,I just use the bottle bottoms, not nipples and I sanitized and sterilized everything)

and an insulated bottle bag, for $1 and the reason I liked this one is because it has pockets to hold the cold packs inside which keep the bag structured.

So these are the things I was after, now that I know what i actually NEED , and what is over priced. It doesn't look like much but all of the above I will use a good bit and saved alot of $$ on.
Now that I have been around the block a smidge, I have re-thought what I would buy at these consignment sales. I think it would be less clothes and more equipment b.c everyone likes to buy baby clothes for gifts and the equipment is the stuff you really need and you can get it considerably less at consignment sales.  They even have pregnancy pillows, boppies stuff like that.

Nursing Friendly Clothes From Old Navy:

Next, We cruised over to Old Navy and looked around. I found some items that are great for nursing and my new shape. Just so you know, anything that is deemed " nursing or maternity wear" will cost you 3 times more than it should. Because of that, I have found Old Navy to be a great cheap resource. I know the quality is lacking, but TRUST me when I say that after you HAVE to wear certain outfits for 10 months or more, you never wanna wear it again when you can wear regular clothes.

Chambray Shirt Dress $29 

The Shirt Dress comes in plaids too but they were out of my size and the cross front dress comes in tons of colors. Both are great for easy Nursing!

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jenn said...

AAAHHHH!!!! I forgot to tell you about the sale! Glad that you found it. :)

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