Saturday, August 28, 2010


Sooo many things I wanna blog about and not near enough time to blog, as I have realized sometimes it comes down to a choice of Sleep or Computer. I have gotten smart enough to choose sleep now.

One thing I was gonna share is I subscribe via email to Martha's tip of the day and sometimes it is neat print outs and templates. Last week there was a day with a print out of stain removal chart to put in your  laundry room. GO HERE to print that. It was neat.
- I wanted to say THANKS for all the feedback on the dishrags. You guys are awesome and have solved my problem! HOORAY! Also thanks to all the feedback on twitter about a universal remote. Who knew life could be so easy? LOL

- I know I didnt do the belly post this week, and it was only because my bubs was working those days and I didnt have a camera man! I will make up for it this week!

- Was curious if you peeps have any recommendations on self tanner for the FACE? I know CT is gonna cringe , but I have been using some Dior Self Tanner for the face that Erik's Mom bought me back in 2006 and its almost gone so I will need some more. I tell ya'll I can stretch out a product like nobody's business.

- All you war eagle-ers out there, have you heard of the new Turnkey Tailgate service for the Plains called " The Tailgate Guys"? Dang that is super cool! WHY didn't I think of this?

Did you guys know that PAM the cooking spray destroys the Teflon finish on your cooking pans? Well, dont quote me on that b.c I cant find anything online confirming that but lots of chatter that supports it so I was totally gonna get one of these MISTO sprayers that sprays olive oil on your cooking pans! Well our friends that were in town staying with us this week bought me one! So sweet!  They sell them all over the place, Macy's , BBB etc if you are interested in having one yourself! Better for YOU and for the environment too! Holla!


Courtney said...

K. I JUST read abt face self tanner...will find out for you!

The turnkey tailgate uncle uses it. Every game. Says its worth every dime. They have food, cooler, tents, and TV right at parker hall. It's GANGSTA. We're going to homecoming...we'll be going to their tailgate for sure!!

Susannah said...

As your husband would say, weagle all that!!!

Cas said...

If you guys come to a game let us know we live right outside auburn and if ask nicely Melissa might baby sit for you. Weagle!

Melissa said...

Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog and it looks really cute. Love the photo of you and your yorkies in the corner- I have a yorkie too!

grizaham said...

For the UGA / AU game i am going to sit outside of Guthries all day and eat chicken fingers and sauce.. Thats my kinda tailgate..


Brandy@YDK said...

Thanks for all the interesting links

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