Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Post Pregnancy Body : Week 2

As promised, here is a picture of what the "leftovers" look like week 2. I started wearing the post partum unders I showed in an earlier post to help push it in, although I still wish I had a Belly Bandit. Has anyone tried those?
I'm pretty amazed at how fast nursing has taken off my weight!
Total Weight Gain was 44lbs
total weight lost so far 26 lbs!
That leaves a remaining 16 lbs until pre-pregnancy weight. However, I am planning on keeping a few pounds b.c I think it looks better, plus these gargantuan new boobies have got to weigh a few extra lbs! ha

So Let's review :

Last Tuesday:
This Tuesday:

Now I have to tell you all about the bag boy at Publix:

Him : Can I hep you get these groceries out to your car?

Me: Actually, Yes I will take you up on that today because I have some stitches and shouldnt be lifting anything

Him: Why do you have stitches, did you have surgery or something?
Me: No I had a baby, a BIG baby.

Him: Why would you need stitches for having a baby, did they have to cut you open to re-arrange him or something?

Me: No, When you have a big baby, it can rip your privates and they have to be stitched back up
Him : Oh.... Im sorry. ( thinks for a minute)

Him: So when are you having the baby?

Me: I already had the baby, Last week, thus the stitches remember?

Him: Well, Im not trying to be offensive or anything, but if you already had the baby why do you still look pregnant?

Me: Well after a woman has a baby, it takes a little while for things to shrink back up

Him: so what is THAT? **points to my leftovers**

I DIE. Ya'll! Seriously. I was so shocked/mortified because others were overhearing this brilliant exchange ,and I was trying to determine if he had all his faculties before I got too mad. I am actually blown away that it didn't hurt my feelings or make me cry , but I honestly don't care too much about the left overs. I mean they are just temporary and are perfectly justified! Dang! But I had to tell ya'll that story b.c people are CRAZY!


AndreaLeigh said...

wow! the difference is amazing. i wonder how much is panties and the other is just your fabulousness? I seriously will do this next time. although doesn't it hurt with the swollen lady bits??? yikes. I was so super tender down there for ages. granny panties all the way!

regarding the bagger at publix - maybe he was mentally retarded. you know I work with that population? as I read that, I remembered that we have a few clients that publix employs. so maybe he just didn't get it?

Brittany Ann said...

Girl, you look AMAZING! So awesome! What a difference a week makes! (I am now silently praying I bounce back like this when we have our first. You are my hero.)

And, seriously, that bagger? Just slug him next time!

I love how you had to tell him you had stitches in your va-jay-jay though!

Erin said...

OK, First you look amazing! Go girl! Please post some pictures of those fabulous new boobies!! (I mean that in a clean way)LOL!! Second, thanks for almost making me wet myself due to your exchange with the Publix employee... Perhaps they need to update their etiquette manual for bag boys!!

meredith said...

Laura you have me laughing out loud! Not @ you bc you look amaze!! But the fact that you said to him "It can rip your privates!!" AND referring to your leftovers! Your blogs make me smile :)

Sheila said...

How FLIPPING RUDE!!!! His momma should've taught him better! I think I better go explain this to my 16 year old, so he doesn't do the same thing! LOL! Just kidding! Girl...you are doing great!

In this wonderful life... said...

you look wonderful lady!!! And wow, I would have been at a loss for words! I hope you taught him a lesson!

brooke said...

wow! i can't believe how much can happen in a week!!! crazy, keep it going, you look great!

Shannon Naftel said...

Laura, it's amazing to see what you lost in ONE week. And with all that picking up of the baby, those arms are going to be rocking. Welcome to the gun show.

As far as the bag boy, I was literally laughing out loud reading that. At least you were honest with him but the poor guy just probably has bad social skills. I can just see your horrified face as he asks- well then, what's that? HAHA! You look AWESOME!

Nikole said...

You are looking good! Its a long precoess, but it will all be back to normal in no time!

You have an award on my blog, I love reading your baby stuff!


Amber said...

Wow! That's absolutely amazing (and I'm so going to buy some of these the next time I'm out and about). You look amazing!

About the bag boy - please tell me that he wasn't a day over 12 - otherwise, bless your heart for not slapping him. :)

melissa said...

Girl, you look GREAT! 26lbs in two weeks - awesome!

And I am just dying at your discussion with the bag boy. He was obviously quite clueless about birthing babies but it sounds like you taught him a thing or two! Love that you were so honest with him and were able to explain without decking him. :) Too darn funny.

Brittany said...

I am so glad you are doing these posts! It's awesome to see what a difference a week can make. This is my first pregnancy so I have no clue what to expect.

As far as the bag boy goes. Please. Sometimes I think guys lack the ability to think properly. I'm proud of the way you handled the situation though!

Natasha said...

i think you look wonderful and dont men understand there are just CERTAIN things you NEVER ask a woman??? idiots!!!

grizaham said...

Woah those pics are great!!
It amazes me to think about you Preggers & that was just 2 weeks ago!
Looking great Babe!

Andrea said...

You look great! I can't believe how much progress you have made in only one week!

I also cannot believe that this boy's parents did not teach him not to ask strangers such personal questions! I mean, really, who does that?!?

Julie Bray said...

Dang girl! You look amazing. One week and you're already down to only having 16 lbs to loss. I still have 15lbs & I'm 6 wks post. I'm dreading going back to work still wearing preg clothes.
Publix guy was probably mentally slow. I know our bag boys usually are there. Or young nieve high schoolers.

Julie Bray said...

Dang girl! You look amazing. One week and you're already down to only having 16 lbs to loss. I still have 15lbs & I'm 6 wks post. I'm dreading going back to work still wearing preg clothes.
Publix guy was probably mentally slow. I know our bag boys usually are there. Or young nieve high schoolers.

Anonymous said...

First off.. you look absolutely wonderful girl! I can't believe how great you look from one week to the next! Whatever your doing, keep it up! I LOVE reading your blogs because it helps me (and I'm sure others that are pregnant) know what to expect and you give the BEST tips! Thanks so much for that!
Second... I wish I was there with you at that publix because I would have given that kid a piece of my mind. I can't believe he would ask so many questions and say what he did! Since you are such a sweet person, he must have just felt comfortable enough to ask you... I give you SERIOUS props for the way you handled it! You just never know what's going to come out of people's mouths these days :-) I can't wait to read your future blogs! You have me hooked already! Take care sweetie!


Josh and Beth said...

You look great! I am loving the dialogue between you and Publix boy! Boys just don't get it sometimes, I would have loved to have seen his face when you told about the stitches!! I know it must have been upsetting but you can definitely look back and laugh at it later!
I was very emotional and easily aggravated for the first few weeks with Sully...thankfully flu season kept us indoors, otherwise I would have either knocked someone out or started crying hysterically with questions like those!

M. Congleton said...

1- OMG!!! That story is the funniest thing I have heard in a LONG time! I love that you explained the stitches!!!
2- i bought the belly bandit, but I think I got it too late (5 weeks). I wore it ALLLLL the time- very uncomfortable but I guess I could tell a difference...should have bought it earlier.
3- you look GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Laura!! You're looking SO good!! I am seriously SHOCKED at the difference between the two weeks, it's like two different people!

And, honestly, that boy is probably like me. I don't think we're taught enough about pregnancy and what happens to the female body when we have babies and when people tell us what happens, it's like "Whoa..." and it blows your mind and then all these questions come up and it's embarassing. At least that's how I feel HA!

(side note - my word verification is "ruder")

Susannah said...

You look ah.may.zing! I cannot believe the diff! Poor baby at Publix-he just doesn't know what is up. You maybe should've told him that was rude...........
xoxo :D love you!

Brandy said...

looking good. I can not believe that dude said that crap to you! wow. just wow

~Kristen~ said...

Wow! You are looking great! I wish I had known about the post-pregnancy panties from A Pea in the Pod. I used a Belly Bandit, though, and I feel like it did help. Couldn't have hurt to use both, though! :)

Jenni K said...

Thank you so much for posting pictures and telling the truth about post-pregnancy! I am 28 weeks pregnant and I've never really been around a close friend who is pregnant that can tell me the truth about it - so thank you!

And after your stories about what people are saying to you - I think I'll just stay around the house for several weeks after my little boy comes.... I might go crazy on someone!

Also - I love hearing about the products that you're liking or not liking. Care to go in more detail about all the big items you bought and if you like them? Like carseats, strollers, etc.
Thanks again!

Jenni from Overambitious and Lazy

jenn said...

Sister~! You look GREAT! I'm back in business with 2 functioning arms so we are coming over soon! big hugs!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Go momma go -- YOU are doing wonders lady!! And that story had me rolling laughing!! The poor guy was just curious.

Caroline's Mom said...

Oh my, your trip to Publix was hilarious! You will actually forget a lot about your pregnancy/post-pregnancy body after about a year because the baby sucks everything out of you. Just wait...I went to the dentist a year ago and had 3 cavaties. I am a freak about my teeth and brush/floss like I am supposed too. The dentist said that having a baby (even a year or two after the baby comes) can suck the calcium out of your teeth.

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