Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Otter Creek Consignment SALE

I had a great time Friday during my Mom time out on the town going to my favorite kids consignment sale in Nashville, the Otter Creek Church Sale. If you are in middle Tennessee you can click HERE for a link about all kids consignment sales. 
I met CB there,  and afterward we had breakfast together!

here are a few of my steals:

Some sports gear:
Some Awesome Pottery Barn Frames. Erik's mom had a frame like this for he and his siblings which I love to look at! ( each circle is marked for 1 months, 2 months etc)
Some Kissy Kissy Outfits ( My fav kids clothes are Kissy Kissy, Ralph Lauren and Restoration Hardware because they are the ONLY company I have found so far that make solid colored and soft fabric clothes)

A light blue velour Ralph Lauren Footie. Super cute and soft


grizaham said...

Nice. Do they have tools &/or concert posters??

Brandy@YDK said...

great finds.

jenn said...

Looks like it was a success! Sad I didn't go this year.... we went to the zoo instead. I'd say a fair trade.
Have fun on your trip!

Amber said...

I almost went to this one and then decided against it at the last minute because I just didn't feel like it. Now I wish I'd gone! It's definitely on my list for next season now!

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