Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Iphone App Review : Total Baby ( A MUST have for all new mommies)

Total Baby $4.99 : GET IT

I heard about this app from CB and I must say it is one of the best Apps I have ever used. If you dont have a baby, skip this post because it will be of no use to you!

I didn't know it until now, but babies are on a constant rotation and you need to keep up with all their activities for Dr. visits and just to monitor their health properly. This is the easiest way to do that, and you can sync between devices so another parent or person can also add to the list.  It is the most apprehensive app in the app store for such things ( cause there are many options). That whole baby brain thing is true because you are sleep deprived and so busy its hard to remember when was the last time you did such and such.
Here are some screen shots so you can see:
I love how the top bar shows running totals of all important activities and the time lapse. The question mark section is one of various things and you can add in things. I have added my mom activities as well because I forget to take my medicine. 
This shows the diaper changing screen on its own. Allows you to be very sepcific about bathroom activity, which the doctor will ask you about so its good to know!
This shows the feeding screen. It has a breast feeding timer and will keep up with which breast, how long he feeds and records bottle feedings as well with ounces and all. I am having to pump right now due to a boob injury so you cant see the breast info in my pic.

I love having his doctor info easily added and saved here with all this other content. that is why I say it is so comprehensive.
It also has options for diary entries where you can type up paragraphs and add pictures. Nice!
The milestones section is great as well.

Over all this is VERY user friendly and so comprehensive that it is worth every bit of that $4.99 pricetag in the app store. I could not live without it.
   The only thing that could improve it would be to add a mommy care section because its pretty important for mom to stay on top of her care as well with sleep, meds, food and various other activities for staying healthy. I really wish they would add that as a section, or even its own app and allow for documenting weight loss as well because I have not found any apps for this at all.
I know I have alot of pregnant readers, so if you own an iphone or itouch or ipad, you MUST get this app and download it BEFORE baby is born so you will have it in the hospital bc  you will start usiing it immediately.
It can also sync between devices and you can download backups of all data easily which will be great because its pretty valuable information!


Tracey said...

Amazing! I just downloaded this app now. :)

grizaham said...

One if the most useful apps I've ever used..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great info girl! Im downloading it now! Hope your doing well!! -Liza

Angie Lane said...

That's too cool!!!! I kept up with all that stuff on a piece of paper!! I love that you can do it all on your phone! If I had an i-phone I'd download it! ha!

Julie Bray said...

Getting this app NOW! THANKS!!!

StylishSuburban said...

Nursing clothing is hard. I use Target nursing camis at night and while I'm at home. Gap maternity has a few things for nursing. The best nursing pads are Lilly pads, amazing. The disposable ones shift around and are uncomfortable. Congrats on you little guy. Enjoy every moment it does go by so fast.

Beach Bum & Baby said...

Thanks again so much for posting about this!! I made JD read your review about it too! :) I can't wait to start using it!!

Darren said...

Hi this is Darren from ANDESigned, I created Total Baby and saw your review. Just wanted to thank you for reviewing and recommending my app to other parents out there.

Total Baby supports 6 children I recommend making one of them you so you can record all mommy related information separate from your children. There is also a major 2.0 release which should be approved from Apple shortly which adds Growth Charts, Percentiles and an extensive array of customization options for exporting your data via E-Mail.

Anonymous said...

My wife chose the Milk Monitor iPhone App over Total Baby http://www.itunes.com/apps/milkmonitor - It has less functionality but makes tracking breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, sleeping, medication and diapers really simple.

Milk Monitor is one of the best apps I've seen on iPhone and it's so simple you can practically use it with your eyes closed. Definitely an app that any new mum should get.

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