Monday, August 9, 2010

Cool Baby Items

We have been SoOooooo Blessed by tons of awesome baby gifts. What has really touched me is how most everyone gave us a baby gift that represented some part of our friendship with them in really creative ways. So, I have to share these neat things and ideas with ya'll incase any of you parents out there want to discover these neat things!

 First up: The Loopa Bowl. 
You can read all about it on the website, but basically it is designed so its impossible to spill the contents no matter how your kid holds the bowl. This was from The Lewis's who share of a love all things Geeky and electronic with us. It was accompanied by a star trek onesie and a ICTP onesie.

The Rody a bouncy horsey thing from Italy. Totally neat and cute. Ours is from Marti G, who has bought the most unique baby gifts you have ever seen, and he is brown with orange spots which I love b.c he is kind of retro looking. I also call it a Donkey instead of a horse. Ralph and Flossers are terrified of it. You can see a kid riding one in THIS video.

This is an outfit that some ladies made for Fenn! Ree did the cross stitch and her daughter Marlee ( who I babysat for years) sewed the outfit. I love that it was custom made by 2 ladies I love for my little dino -baby! That was so sweet of them and such a personal, thoughtful gift.

This backpack I ordered from a cool company on FACEBOOK, called Tootlebugs. She does all sorts of applique and monogram items and has GREAT prices. I hope she stays so reasonable so I can keep purchasing! This backpack is navy seer sucker and you can choose whatever applique and name you want. I wanted a War Eagle - ish look for Fenn's.

Now is this not the sweetest? It was a double-y awesome gift. CT Handpainted this card in water colors and its the cutest pram with an apple logo and his name! LOVES this! I am gonna frame it b.c its so special. Inside was an itunes gift card which I used to purchase Fenn some neat baby iphone apps. Reviews on those very soon!

We got tons and awesome gifts for baby Fenn, these are just a few unique things I wanted to show you guys! A big thanks to everyone who helped us prepare for this dino piggy baby!


Brandy said...

The Rody is AWESOME. I've never seen one of those and how freakin cool. LOVE the gifts.

grizaham said...

Great gifts for sure! What Alec was over yesterday he jumped on the Roby! He said it was coool.

Courtney said...

Aw! Thanks for the shout-out. :)I'll make you cards anytime you want them!

Julie Bray said...

Those gifts are awesome! Thanks for sharing! Can't wait for the baby app reviews.

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