Tuesday, August 17, 2010

BreastFeeding 101 : and then Some...

It's almost been 3 weeks since I had PB and started this adventure of breast feeding. I know BF can be a somewhat politically charged type of subject, and so let me assure you I am not trying to get up in that mix! I am simply sharing some things I have learned for those of you that are interested in BF also.

My first lesson learned was that not many people ever said anything positive about BF, except cousin Karrissa who told me that your body makes some sort of warm fuzzy hormone feeling when you BF which is why people get so emotional about it. I can attest that was true! When I first had PB and started all this I felt like I had glitter flowing through my veins!  Now that the hormones are settling down, and I am getting over my mom going back home ( major sadness) I think I am almost back to even.
Anyway most people were negative about it, and as it turned out none of that negative stuff was really my experience. It was much easier than I thought it would be. ( and I am thankful for that)

The next thing I learned is that I was soooo wrong when I thought breast feeding was a Free option. It is not free! It requires a lot of tools and accessories to be done comfortably and conveniently. If you are planning on BF I again advise you to invest in a great pump, and lots of extra accessories. I could not do without the pump though because it allows me to have milk available so daddy can get up in the middle of night with PB and let me sleep some!

One of my twitter girlfriends mentioned that she was unprepared for what an emotional commitment it was to BF and I was surprised by that too. Its a lot of dang work! Always pumping and feeding and tending to the ladies and cleaning pump parts and bottles etc. I spent at least 40% of my day doing these things. obvi I feel strong enough about it to keep on keeping on but dang it keeps me busy, and tired!

I bought the book " The ABC's of Breast Feeding" and found it to be very helpful in teaching me the fundamentals that I was not aware of yet. If you have not read anything, you need to! Learn about fore milk and hind milk and things like that. It also told me that keeping the baby with me after he was born, would get my hormones going and signal my body to start making milk so that it would come in sooner and that worked like a charm. Once I had PB I never let him leave my side, except to get a bath and his weener cutting. Milk came in the day I got home from the hospital.

I had some great lactation consultants in the hospital and a terrible run in with one over the phone after coming home. She was VERY judgy about me using bottles and pumps and blah blah. Made me CRY ya'll! It took me a while to come around to the fact that I should never have called a stranger to validate my parenting practices, and that my PB is thriving and doing well with a bottle and a booby so who cares what that LC thinks... so I would say the same to ya'll, use your common sense and good judgement and dont let any of the Nazi's make you feel like a bad momma.

Now for some Product Feedback:

I think the Glamour Mom Nursing Tanks are a waste of money. They run really small, are uncomfortable and dont seem to offer any advantage over the Target nursing tanks.

This is my favorite nursing bra b.c its soft and comfy.

I love this nursing sleep tank because its soft and comfy, can be worn with regular pajama bottoms and also can pass as a real shirt if you ran out of the house wearing it. :)

I prefer these to the disposable nursing pads.

Feel free to leave comments agreeing or disagreeing with my product feedback! I think everyone enjoys hearing that kind of info and I know its different for everyone! Leave links if you have recommendations!


The Wilson's said...

great post mama! gotta love the lily padz, I hated the disposable pads as well. Another must have is a good nursing cover!

grizaham said...

I've never seen so much milk before. There are even breast milk popcicles in our fridge.

rachel... said...

Nobody ever told me about the warm fuzzy hormones before I had a breastfeeding baby, either, but that's one of the best part of breastfeeding to me. Those first few weeks are the BEST, and I love knowing that that's the way it's supposed to work! I think it levels off some, but I definitely still feel the warm and fuzzy while I'm nursing.

I'm sorry you heard so many negative things about nursing. That's awful. My experience has not always been easy, but ten years, and five babies later, breastfeeding my little ones has been one of the most amazing things I've ever done.

And thanks for confirming why I hate pumping. I haven't pumped in years. LOL

Jenni K said...

I too hear mostly negative things about BFing and am glad to hear about how wonderful it can be.

Thanks for the products you listed, but can you review/ discuss the types of pump and bottles you use? Do you use the manual pumps? I'm trying to figure out what to get before my litte one comes and would like to hear some product suggestions. Also - did you buy or rent your pump?

Thanks again!

Jenni from Overambitious and Lazy

Julie Bray said...

I like the looks of that sleep tank. I will have to check that out!
I now understand why so many people give up on nursing and pumping. It's a major commitment! VERY time consuming. I feel strongly enough about Ben needing the benefits of breast milk to keep with it, but can see how some would stop. I hope to be able to continue while working.
If you know any links or have any advice on keeping up with it while working and juggling it all, please blog about it!
It's definitely a very personal decision. And a touchy subject for some......

The Skippers said...

Nursing is one of the hardest things you will ever do. I really think that. But I also think that it is one of the best things you can do for and with your baby. It is worth the frustration and time. Once you really get it down, it is so easy and convient. The bond that you experience is pretty cool. Those hormones are some crazy shiz.

Sarah Stanley said...

I loved nursing and I think as a bonus, Sally wouldn't drink a bottle of breast milk. She would nurse, or drink a bottle of formula, but refused breast milk in a bottle, which meant I didn't really pump. And as for being difficult, it is, but my thoughts are this 1) infancy doesn't last forever and 2) it's my job. Let's say for a year I devote myself to my child, I can do that. It's my job as a mother, and it's not forever.

Erica said...

You're sooo right about not letting and nursing "Nazi's" get to you! It's great to get help, but I had to remember myself to trust my own instincts the most! I miss nursing...we made it 5 and a half months when my daughter got thrush and it didn't work for us to continue. So glad it's going well for you!

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