Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Birth Story : Part Deux

I really always thought I would have time to type this out and blog all the details and it is funny how the past few days have been a time warp. We had TONS of visitors and fun in the hospital which I will talk about in another blog post.
For now, I will say that was a pretty abbreviated post about the birth, mostly because I don't know If I could even remember it accurately. I do know it was NOTHING like I expected, it was totally weird ( but in a good way). It was easier than I expected and went by really quickly ( to me).
What I didn't think about and was totally unprepared for , was what happened AFTER he was born. I was so focused on getting him out successfully, without a C section, that it never occurred to me to be worried about that.
My epidural was wearing off, and I knew it but I thought it might help me push more effectively so I basically just brushed that off, when I should have asked insisted they AMP IT UP. I had not realized how much work and effort the birthing process is, and I had not eaten since the previous day ( Dr.'s orders) so I was low on strength by that night. Between the significant blood loss, and the act of birthing a near 10lb baby, my body is HURTING.
(PS, I don't want to scare anyone who hasn't been there and done that, because this was all special circumstances and none of my friends who recently gave birth are struggling so bad).

So after baby was out the doctor had to work on me for a while and that was no fun. Then after that things get a little blurry because I was so weak, and started passing out every time I tried to lift my head.  It was really frustrating cause everyone was so excited, and I wanted to see what he looked like and hold him and be excited too but my body was having none of it. I never was able to get up to the wheelchair to moved to another room , so they just took me on a stretcher.  I ate about 3 sandwiches once I got to our new room to try and get strong enough to do what I wanted and that seemed to help.
Since then, I have been trying hard to get well so I can do all the things I want and in a timely fashion. I am currently having a rash from one of my medications ( rah)!
I have read almost all emails, facebook messages and texts and stuff and am working to catch up on my replies and stuff. We really appreciated all the love and support  and I hope everyone knows that!

So here are some Answers to Questions I have been asked alot:

1. So many people asked about my hospital gown.  I read somewhere that it was cool to bring your own, and I assumed everyone did, turns out they don't. ha But I enjoyed mine. I got it from Green Baby Bargains for like $15.  Made by a company called Peanut Shell. You guys have all been real complimentary of my hospital pics. I appreciate it too, and I'm not gonna lie .....I tried real hard to look cute b.c I wanted nice pics,  BUT all that make up and hair do only looked cute BEFORE labor. During and after I looked homeless.

2. Everyone has asked about his eating. Turns out big babies get that way for a reason. They love to EAT.  I call him my little piggy cause he makes lots of grunting noises and latched on like he had been doing that for 6 months. He eats very well and TONS but dang I am sore. Gonna have to figure out some tricks here.

3. Are we tired? Heck yeah man! So tired! He has his nights and days backwards and so he sleeps for good stints in the day but at nighttime he only sleeps for an hour or maybe 2 before he is hungry. Erik is in charge of diapering and I must say he does a fine job. I still am not super mobile, plus I feel so sad seeing his circumcision wound, so I have yet to change a diaper!

4. People asked about his stats, and I am kind of annoyed but they measured him wrong right after birth, and we were all too over whelmed to question it at the time. They said he was 9lbs 9.5 ounces ( just like his daddy when he was born) but they said he was 19 inches long and he is actually 21. My pediatrician straightened that out yesterday.

So I think that is all to report for now, so I shall leave you with some pictures!


grizaham said...

The hospital experience was pretty interesting and seemed to go by in the blink of an eye. Watching that baby come up of the wife was something amazing and i will never forget it.
Little Fenn is a cute dude.


Katie said...

thanks for sharing the details! the gown really is was so cute. maybe i'll file that info away for a day that i might need it :). i hope that you are starting to mend. it took kelli a little while to get back on her feet too. so excited that he's eating well, that's a huge blessing. he's beautiful and i'm so happy for you and your little family!

Mike said...

Thanks baby for giving me another grandson. I thought you were going to wait until I was too old to go and do with him, but I think I got a few good years left. You made a beautiful mother and I know by watching you, you will be as good a mother as yours was with you. You and Erik are truly blessed by this wonderful addition.

Susannah said...

Awww, Laura! That is too sweet! I am so excited to meet him. That comment from your dad just made me cry.............

Cary said...

Laura, you look awesome (before, during, and after) as usual! I know you are feeling pretty overwhelmed right now, but it will get better! And your Dad is right, I know you and Erik will be super parents!! Love y'all!

sippy said...

What a beautiful baby! After months of following your blog it's so exciting to see your little guy.
Wonderful times ahead with your sweet baby boy! Congrats!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Well done momma -- We love Graham as a middle name and are planning on doing the same (if we have a boy!)

Sheila said...

He is ADORABLE! Much congratulations!!! Enjoy every minute with him

Shay said...

He looks perfect! Y'all are too cute. Hope you get some rest!

Brandy said...

gorgeous~ but I expected nothing less. And next time - I'm totally having my own gown

Melanie said...

BABY! He's cute! I like the last picture, he looks like he's posing next to his name.

& reading your experience, I feel like calling my mom and apologizing for being a big baby. She had to get a hysterectomy after having me. My bad Mom. My bad.

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