Monday, August 23, 2010

BabyWise is Returning My Sanity....

You guys may or may not be familiar with the book BabyWise which is a book on parenting philosophy for newborns and helps you learn to set schedules so that parents and baby know more of what to expect, get better sleep and baby is secure from consistency. It is pretty controversial I would say, based on the comments I got on facebook once when I said I was reading it.
So if you are not a fan of babywise, feel free to skip this post , judge me and talk about me behind my back.
 Probably our biggest accomplishment this weekend,  was starting BabyWise schedule. I read this book when I was pregnant and thought it was so awesome. Little did I know, how hard it would be to implement the practice of it once you have the sweet snuggly babe at home, mostly b.c I just wanted to be near him, to make sure he was ok.

Well after a few emotional breakdowns from lack of sleep, I decided to let him sleep in his crib, in his own room for the night. He must have been one really tired little dude b.c he took to that crib like a champ! We both got not only longer spans of sleep, but QUALITY sleep. I didn't think of it before but he was in his bassinet in the living room with the TV on 24/7 and I think that was keeping him from sleeping well.
    So starting our babywise schedule was a lot like training my dog children, as in the children are never the problem , its ME! ha I am too soft hearted I think and give in too easy. Sometimes PB would wake up after 45 mins and cry out and I would immediately pick him up and check for diaper change or hunger etc.  Well it turns out sometimes babies just cry out in their sleep, and then go right back to sleep not actually needing anything ! So now that I know that, I watch him on the video monitor and instead of disturbing him during his sleep, I do nothing and he goes right back to sleep. What a neat trick!
       I asked Erik to read the book and he read half of it that first night. I knew that if he were on board things would be easier b.c he is a VERY good rule follower, where as my free spirit struggles with such regulations. I was right. He read and provided much needed support and planning.
I do feel routine gives security to children and as much as I have read and researched about sleep through out my Psych degree, I know what an important part of growth and development it is for children.
So we went from demand feeding and short naps to sleeping 2, 3 and 4 hours at a time, and full feedings every few hours. It is also comforting for me to know somewhat, what to expect so I can plan for outings of if I need to pump I can predict when to do that without him waking up and needing me etc. It has brought me MUCH peace. and some VERY much needed SLEEP.
     So for us this has been a total success, made easier by the fact that we didn't have to cry it out. PB has his daddy's disposition and is rather passive, Thank GOD!


Anonymous said...

This warms the depths of my little, regimented psychologist heart.

Soapbox: Husband and I are very similar in that I am the more free-spirited and more forgiving of rule breakage and he is more firm and adhered to the rules. But we are both personal believers that schedules, structure, and adherence to such is one of the most beneficial things for childrearing. There is a comfort (both for parent and child) and secure attachment is allowed to develop when the parents are able to provide the child with structure and schedule.

Again, we are child-less but talk about this all the time and have intents to raise our (future) child(ren) in a similar manner! End Soapbox.

Good for you two - especially to have implemented that in one weekend!!

Angie Lane said...

aww I'm so happy to read this and see that you are figuring out what works best for you! That's always the best solution in my opinion! That's one thing that overwhelmed me when I had my first child is that you get all this advice, and while it's all good and I loved everything, it doesn't always work the same for everyone and that in itself is then frustrating and your already tired and exhausted... To be honest, my babies slept with me and when they were tee-tiny slept on my chest with me holding them after I bought them home because I couldn't move all that well... People always tell you not to do that because they won't ever sleep in their own beds, and both of mine do everynight! I'm also a firm believer in mama knows best, first time or not, those instincts just kick in! Every child/mama is different and you just have to figure it out and that takes time! So glad that you guys are getting a routine! I agree that a routine is key! Give that sweet baby lots of kisses from all the "Rowell's" - ha!

Army Brat said...

I'm the mommy of three and have #4 on the way. I'm a firm believer in you do what works best for you and your family. My hubby and I have learned many many things over the years and each baby is different sometimes to the point of turning things your used to completely upside down.

It's fantastic that you seem to have found and implemented in just a few days what is making your family balance and happy. It's a very long journey and learning every step of the way.

I love hearing about your adventures and discoveries. Thank you for sharing it.

Brandy said...

yay - i'm so glad you have a good baby. G had colic. hell. pure hell.

Cary said...

I am sure you already know this but BabyWise is really working for Sarah and John! Scarlet is doing great with it too - it's the grandmothers that are suffering!!
Your little PB sure is adorable (well, not little but young)!

auhays said...

Great to hear you are having some success! We both read babywise and found it to be helpful in establishing a routine. I would say that we did a "modified" babywise, and now MA is an amazing slepper and very happy. If we have baby #2, he or she could be very different, but we think it was helpful. Keep it up, ans kudos to Erik for being a great dad/hubbs!

jenn said...

Keep that DINO PIGGY in his own room!!! It's good for you and him!

ml said...

Girl, that book (and some Zoloft) helped me immensely. Pediatrician gave me the same suggestions. The "crying it out" didn't work too well for us at first, but getting on the feeding schedule helped the whole sleep issue and we didn't end up having to cry it out.
I am SO glad you and DP are getting some rest!!

M. Congleton said...

I am a 'babywise mom' all the way! Did it with both of my girls and love everything about it.
glad it's working well for you.

Julie Bray said...

Baby Wise Rocks! We have not actually implemented it by the book.... I read the book after he was already on that kind of schedule, etc. It seems as thought the NICU read that book!
Only problem is I have not gotten to the crib sleeping yet. We plan to do it this week, this weekend by the latest. He's just so darn little still, he's still little for the bassinet

grizaham said...

FSG = Cool dude.

KLaw said...

Right there with you! This book has saved my life with Smith. Seriously. Although, the little mister gets off his schedule occasionally due to one daddy-o and it takes a few days to get him right again. But the book is genius!

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