Wednesday, August 11, 2010

2 Week Well Baby Check Up

Today my Dino Piggy Baby is  2 Weeks old! Dang how time flies when you are sleep deprived!! We got to go back and see our Fav Doctor ever. He is a pediatrician in Cool Springs named Dr. Huss who I HIGHLY recommend. He has the best bed side manner, and seems to genuinely enjoy his job. He is also cute and witty so we give him an A++ and thank CB for recommending him to us!

He said my boy was doing just great and he continually laughs about how big he is! He has gained 1lb 3 oz in a weeks time!
His new stats are:
Weight 10lbs 10 ounces ( 94.7 percentile)
Height  21.5 inches (80th percentile)
Head 14.76 inches ( 60th percentile)

He said Fenn would keep his jaundice tan for a little while longer and that was nothing to worry about and he told me to stock pile my milk since it was plentiful and ya'll I am making some milk WHEW. ( anywhere from 8 - 10 ounces per pumping).
And Like a sweet dino piggy baby, he started sleeping for much longer periods of time yesterday. See below for his sleep schedule.

Mostly 2 hours and some 3 hour sleeps! Hooray! Much better than 1 hour ones!
Turns out, ( for those of you who have not read a novel about boobies and their workings) there is this stuff called "foremilk" and "hindmilk"  or as I like to say "2%" and " Whole milk" in order to get my piggy the whole ( hindmilk) I am supposed to massage the ladies when he eats or when I pump. Had no idea to do that until yesterday and that has made a lot of difference pretty quickly. I imagine had I known this last week he would have gained alot more than one pound! lol

And here is my Angel dreaming of Boobies:


grizaham said...

Great info! He seems to be doing well. And I'm pretty sure he's in love with me. 

See u in the am Fenners

sippy said...

We've been going to Harpeth Pediatrics for 10+ yrs. We see Dr. Collins (the other dude doctor) there. My oldest son, who turned 18 this year is moving on to a regular internist. He was bummed Dr. Collins wouldn't be his doc anymore.

Angie Lane said...

aww he's beautiful!!! I just love him... he's the size now that Aiden was when he was born! ha! Your Doc looks like a cool dude... That makes all the difference (to me anyway) when you love your baby doc! gives you that extra sense of comfort!

Julie Bray said...

Love the pic of Fenn he does look like a little angel! Getting cuter and cuter- didn't think it was possible.

Josh and Beth said...

He looks so sweet! We LOVED the a+a swaddle blankets!! They are great and we still use them!

Susannah said...

Yay Fenners! I am so proud of your pigginess! Your cousin Emma only weighs 19'5 and she is a year older than you!
LG, I cannot WAIT to Face Time the shit out of y'all when I get my phone-I tracked delivery today and it should be here this weekend!!!

Gwynne said...

He is a total doll! 8-10 oz at a time is UNBELIEVABLE!! You are a machine. Keep up the good work Mommy!!

Mississippi Candice said...

OMG, Fenn is so STINKING CUTE!!!!!

Katherine said...

I love him!! Can't wait to meet Fenners in person. Meanwhile, keep blogging and I'll keep stalking :)

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