Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend In Review

Even though my bubs had to work all weekend, this is the most productive I have been in ages. I do not consider it that " sudden burst of mad nesting energy" as much as I think the doc report last week gave me a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel, which made me happy and more motivated.

Friday bubs and I did some errands. Picked up 2 new framed concert posters and the store in my neighborhood called to say they had the bassinet attachment for our stroller in stock. At first, I had opted against buying this as I thought it would be a waste of space and money, but re-evaluated last week after reading this post on a friends blog, and finding out that my particular stroller doesn't actually make you buy another seat, just some fabric that helps transform the original seat into a bassinet. Since it was less than $100 we decided to give it a go, and now this will be little Fenn's naptime spot at the Titans Tailgates this fall! I am quite pleased with it.
Saturday I spent the day with my friend from College's,  Mother in Law and Sister in law. The MIL has moved to Nashville and I took the ladies on a consignment and baby shopping palooza. ( SIL is expecting). I love how all of my girlfriends from college, and I can interchange our family members.  It makes life so fun and I am thankful we are all close with each other and the extended members.
We had a fabulous lunch at Bread & Co. ( san can you believe I have never been there before?) and Woot you were correct, the fruit tea there is divine, as well as that strawberry shortcake cupcake) . I found a diaper caddy at one of the store, which I have been looking for everywhere for $9 and I also found our car seat at my discount store Essex, for $100 cheaper than it is at Target. YEAH!
Saturday night, we had Bro, SIL Shauna, Chlo and Stevie over for dinner and fun.  She brought the Fennster this awesome Sleep Sack. I'm excited because not only is it really cool, but I had yet to purchase a sleep sack.

Sunday was all about washing baby clothes and packing hospital bags. Just getting prepared in case he wants to come early. I don't care what anyone says, I think he is gonna come before the end of July, and by Golly, what is the point of trying to burst my bubble? The truth about babies and birthing from everything I have heard and read, is there is no rhyme or reason. Every single lady is different and feels it differently and it happens differently for them, so all this " oh he's your 1st? 1st babies are ALWAYS late.. " blah blah . There is just no such thing as "always" in any baby sentence.
But there is a such thing as being a "negative nancy nay sayer meany face" that I might or might not punch out.
The doc really did get my hopes up last week with all that talk of effacement and dilation. Oh well. Time will tell.
I have been having BH for several hours pretty much every day where my stomach, back and rib cage even feel very tense.
My dinosaur is still moving a good bit, but slower stronger movements that at times make me very uncomfortable, particularly if he is ramming his large head into my bladder.
I have felt much more flexible lately, and I'm not sure if that is because of his dropping or because the doc gave me that glimmer of hope!
Thursday we have another ultrasound to see how big he has gotten. I just know he is a 9 pounder by now.
Below is a picture of Bub's birth announcement Juliel sent me over this week.
I enjoy that scared look on his face and how he has managed to wiggle out that big hand from his swaddle.

I was very excited today to find 2 more chicks who are about the same pregnant as me, also with big boys. One of them even has the same due date as I do. I am sad I didn't find their blogs before now! ( links underlined)

What did you guys do this weekend?


Sarah Stanley said...

Oh my gosh, I just looked at the announcement and saw your husband's birthday is 7/29. What if your baby comes on his birthday, how fun!? And yes, be prepared. All of my friends last year that were due around me had their babies 2-4 weeks early and they were all first timers. Me, I was two weeks late, but I'm glad I was prepared to go earlier. It's better to be safe than sorry!

Brandy said...

For your sake - I hope he comes early - wow - 9lbs! I can not imagine. That's like a full grown baby. lol

Julie Bray said...

OMG! YOu linked to my blog! Awesome! It's no where near as excellent as your blog.....
The pic of Erik is wonderfully funny!
That would be great if Fenn came on Erik's birthday. Negative Nancys suck!!! Praying the remainder of your pregnancy is short and more comfortable.

grizaham said...

Nice post yo

Susannah said...

Ha! Did you like my "prophetic" dream? :D Has Cory had her baby yet? Also, who were you hanging out with, Mark's mom?? Glad y'all had a fun and productive weekend, hope little/big man decides to come on Erik's birthday!!!!!!

jenn said...

although I'm still banking on today. The next full moon is the 26th so GET READY!! YAY!!! I'm super excited!

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