Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More Online Nesting : Grocery List Organization

I did a review of this iphone app "Grocery Gadget" a while back and have never fully utilized it, until now. They also make apps for other smart phones and have a web app as well so you can use it and access it many ways , with all staying in sync.
My husband can access any lists i make on his phone, and I can also email them to anyone I want to.
When E saw me organzing this list, he assured me that I had lost my mind, but I have a thing about when filling out any form, I like every box to be checked or filled in.
GG gives you several fields to fill out so now my grocery list comes complete with pictures, coupon info, prices, sizes, quantity and even where to locate it in the store, which aisle and all. That is nice for someone who may not be familiar with the store.
Then you can drag and drop all items in order of how the store is layed out.I have multiple lists like pantry staples, weekly items, or unique lists that go with whatever is on the recipe menu that week.
Screen shot of part of my list:

See how pretty that is? So you can go HERE to their website and sign up to make your own grocery lists. Also if you have the iphone app you can just walk around your kitchen and scan the bar codes of whatever items you want to be on your list and it will automatically add them.


Courtney said...

Ahh!! I will look this up for Droid. I SO need this. I have a spreadsheet on my computer but this is easier.

Brandy said...

pretty cool. I esp like the bar code scannin part.

jenn said...

I don't think I've ever seen you call Erik~~ "my husband" ~~~ just a few other choice names ;)

Mrs. Holder said...

I love groceries...not sure why. Chad would say he lost the spreadsheet! Ha!

LG said...

jenn you make an excellent point! I don't know that I ever call erik " my husband" ha or why I did here!

Tracey said...

you look so cute in your prego pics!

grizaham said...

intersting.. i am a human list.. no need for fancy apps. ;-)

Lynsey and Brian said...

You look great! I love that green dress. Not too much longer now!

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