Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Mommy Measure: Neat Gift Idea

Somehow, I managed to get myself on one bajillion mailing lists as soon as I got pregnant. The junk mail gods knew and I was bombarded with advertisements. I saw this neat little thing in one of my magazines today and thought I would post for all my newly pregnant friends!  It is such a cute idea to take regular measurements and write down milestones on  the tape with dates. Also neat to see how much you grow!

The Mommy Measure $15


Brandy said...

that is cute!

Susannah said...

Okay, were you really up and posting at 6:30???

And bestie, are you SOOO ready and excited for tomorrow? I cannot wait to hear the scoops/updates! I am going to call you on my way into work shortly!

Amber said...

Hey LG! I just wanted to stop by and tell you that I hope you enjoy your last day as a Mommy-To-Be. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow - I hope everything goes well and I can't wait to see pictures of Baby Fenn! Good luck!

The Masters said...

I totally would of loved that mommy measure thing..that is soo cute. I am up at 5am because Annabelle won't sleep and I am soooo excited for you guys. I can't wait for another one of our hoochies to join the mommy circle. Love ya lots and we're thinking of you guys!

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