Thursday, July 8, 2010

Just a Few Random Things:

I woke up today and decided I needed to de-clutter my online life. I want to just dump my google reader and start over! Somehow all these blogs that I have deleted or unsubscribed to keep showing back up, and ones I want to see are not updated.
SOOOO, can you all send me a link to your blog either in the comments section or to my email Especially new readers! I would love your blog addresses, So that I can re-add them to my new clean Google Reader? thx.

Next up, I kind of want to to delete my facebook and start over, OR have one that is the blog facebook and one that is my personal. I am terrible with keeping up with facebook b.c I have too many randoms on there in my feed, and I feel like deleting them will hurt feelings ( I'm from a small town). and Geesh I am so sick of seeing what everyone harvested in farmville or what kind of quiz they took. SRSLY. so maybe starting over is easier than cleaning up? Thoughts? personal experience?

I have had a lot of people ask me about this reception issue that is all over the media for Iphone4. Personally, we have had no problems, but then again neither of us talks on the phone all that much anyway! ha but seriously I think it has been blown up a bit as no one who calls into my iphone show has complained about it either.

I need some blog design work. Just a few things to tweak my current layout but my fabulous design girl just had a baby and busy with that right now so I am unsure if she will be able to help me. She did sweetly add the pram to my header to signify there is a baby on board ! In the event that she doesn't have time, ...Does anyone have a person they can recommend to do such things?

This next one is kind of a rant, so beware:
I know a lot of you guys remember when I had an online business that i ran through ebay 2 years ago. I quit doing that for 2 reasons: it stopped being profitable, and it was annoying as H. I still get a lot of people who ask me for advice or to help them sell something on ebay, so let me take this time to say that not only do I want NOTHING to do with selling things on ebay, not as a favor or for profit, but also I am also probably not the best source of information anymore as things are always changing in the way of rules and fees. I just sold our old iphones on ebay and that experience has reminded me why I never want to deal with ebay again.
See HERE for more on that topic, OR HERE, or HERE
because unfortch, it is the topic that just keeps on giving.

And in revamping my online world, I am adding pages to the top of this blog for easily accessible information that people frequently ask or wanna look back on. The only one I am almost done with is for the iPad. So if you have an iPad, or want an iPad, that's a great tab to check out. Would love any feedback or app suggestions to add to it!!


Chad Grout said...

I predict that your online life will declutter itself real quick here in another couple weeks. Wouldn't worry about it too much. However I deactivated my Facebook account recently and have discovered a new love for life as a result.

Courtney said...

I agree with Chad. I may dump a lot of my reader as well..too much stuff in there!

Here's some clutter back:

I periodically go through FB and just delete. They'll get over it.

grizaham said...

eBay is terrible

the iPhone is still top notch

am still amazed at how much people hate iPhones. it's almost worse than racism... i seriously feel in danger sometimes when I use it cause random people get real angry & ask me, "how's your reception..." don't you hate AT&T.. And then they get all, "if iPhone was on verizon I'd buy it.. Or Droid is the Best..


Sorry. I feel better now.
Erase the iHate.

Amber said...

Hi there! I've secretly been a blog stalker of yours for awhile and decided now was a good time to say hello. I LOVE your blog - probably because, like you guys, we live in Nashville, I am addicted to my iPhone, and we are expecting in 2010 as well (although not until the end). If you'd like to stop by and visit, my blog is

BTW, Fenn's nursery is FABULOUS!

Sheila said...

I can relate with you on A LOT! And facebook....yeah....I need to clean that out as well! UGH!

jenn said...

Hey~~~ are you preggers or something???? Your mood seems top notch today ;)
I have found that just blocking a ton of stuff has helped me with facebook. I just block everything and everyone that I don't want to see from my feed. That way they can still snoop on me and I don't have to hear their shit.
I have a blog.... it won't clutter your reader b/c I'm the worst.
I promise to never ask you about Ebay.... ever.
and last~~~~ I've never heard of online nesting.... I think you just invented something.

love you! :)

Brandy said...

ok so i'm a total stalker. I follow you but rarely comment. we are a total apple family. I got an ipad for mother's day (love) and my hubs got the iphone 4 - I refuse to look at because i don't want to die from jealousy. I don't really use that many ipad apps since the internet is so accessible. I always love reading your reviews.

You can easily hide people and those games/quizzes on FB. Once you do that you never see that crap again. It's so nice.

I also have a FB page for my blog and am so-so about it

Mary Alice Mosley said...

Hey Laura,
Good for you for decluttering your online life. I totally agree with you about the fb thing. I hate seeing all that farmville crap and what not. Hope you are doing well. I know ya'll are getting so excited about Fenn arriving. I always enjoy keeping up with ya'll. Here is my blog link.

Beach Bum & Baby said...

I've been working on the same kinds of cleaning. I was all over my shutterfly account organizing pictures etc... realizing they go back to 2005.. whoa! Pretty much anything to avoid actual cleaning or going out in the middle of the day. Mornings & evenings are officially the only time I'm out doing anything other than sitting in the pool! :)

I hope you and sweet Fenn are having a great day! I am LOVING your custom made diaper bag - it is just TOO cute!! How nice of her to make it for you!!!

I'm going to check out your ipad page right now!! :)

M. Congleton said...

I LOVE this post! You ARE online nesting!
hope you are feeling well!

Lynsey and Brian said...

I just recently found your blog and love Fenn's nursery! We are expecting our first .. a little boy.. in late August so I have enjoyed reading your pregnancy posts.

My blog link is

melissa said...

If you need someone to tweak your design, I recommend Lindsey from Sweet Simplicity Designs. She designed my blog and was so great to work with. I think her blog is

In case you want to add my blog to your google reader once you start over, here's the address:

As far as Facebook, I hear ya! Too many people talking about stuff I don't care about. I hate feeling like I might hurt someone's feelings by deleting them, so I just hide people I'm not interested in hearing from.

Hope your e-decluttering goes well!

Cas said...

Don't forget about me!

Katie said...

De-cluttering is a must! I think someone before called it "on-line nesting" and that's the perfect title for it!

I'm a newer reader but still totally feel you on the facebook issue. I just made a lot of people on "Limited" or "Semi-Limited" so they can see me and we are "friends" but they don't need to EVERYTHING.

Anonymous said...

Peace out Facebook. Not worth your time. Blogging is a better use of internet time, imho! And like Chad dude, a newfound love of life can emerge from nixing the FB!

I'm and totes am keeping you.

Do you know how to delete blogs? We showed sus how to do it the other week, it's not a straightforward process, but it has worked for me, just time-consuming.

Hope you're feeling better, post-vent!

Susannah said...

Dang, techie mctecherson!

I agree with Chad-also Courtney. I periodically delete-who cares, and they will not know WHO deleted them. Also, you best add me to your reader.

I'm sure I could say more, but can't remember all of your details now. Good for you for de cluttering-you are a collectory girl! :D

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