Thursday, July 8, 2010

Iphone News for Local Nashvillians

I made a fantastic discovery the other day in the Cool Springs Mall. As I was leaving the food court ( why else did you think I was in the Mall ha j/k) I saw a stand called Quick iFix! It is these 2 dudes who are not only passionate, but thoroughly versed in the iphone. They can basically make your wildest iphone dreams come true!
  • This would include replacing shattered screens or scratched up backs
  • customizing your 3g or 3gs by replacing the back with any color you want like NEON. they looked amazing.
  • replacing your old battery with a new one, b.c you know the quality of that battery significantly drops over a year or more time.
  • sell accessories , apply screen protectors etc. even for the iphone 4. good prices too.
  • buy your old iphones

They also have a website HERE and some fun you tube videos demo-ing their skills. I am totally stoked to have this resource!

1 comment:

grizaham said...

That's rocking.

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