Friday, July 16, 2010

Iphone 4 : Steve Job's Announcement Today and What It Means For You.

Today Steve Jobs held a conference discussing the "Antenna Gate" problem on Iphone 4 that the media has been losing their minds over. I have been torn over the issue, as it has not effected either Erik or I but has been a problem for some other peeps we know.
Once Consumer Reports ( I heart them) dissed Apple, it hurt my feelings! SO I was very curious to see how Jobs was gonna handle it. Over all, I do support pretty much everything he said, and he made a great point when he said at the end of the day Iphone 4 is still selling like hotcakes!
I bet they figure out something to shut everyone up about the antenna but if you have an iphone on AT&T then you know all too well that really AT&T just has terrible coverage. period.

Apple put together some data to support their case that you can read HERE ( it has lots of good pictures) comparing Iphone4 to other smart phones.

Basically Jobs said to alleviate the suffering he would give all early adapters a free case/bumper. If you already bought a case, he will refund that money to you. He also suggests that anyone who is unsatisfied return the phone within 30 days for a full refund. You cant ask for more than that!

So basically peeps will have to do something really unusual and  think for themselves for a change, on whether or not they believe Jobs, or the media and figure it out from there or personal experience.

In Other Apple News.....

Apple also released a new software update 4.0.1. Click here to read about that and get instructions on how to update your software.

Watch the Conference on Video HERE


grizaham said...

I am amazed at how something that affects under 1% of iPhone 4's can get more press than the gulf oil leak getting plugged. Just goes to show how far iHate has come... Geeeez..

Great video.
Great phone.
Great times.

War Damn Eagle

Mrs. Holder said...

I still want February when I'm iPhone due!

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