Saturday, July 10, 2010

Echofon for Twitter in iphone, Desktop & Ipad

I recently learned , was reminded that with time things change, especially in technology and it pays to keep an open mind. I always assumed that Tweetie was the best, most efficient twitter app for iphone and would hear of no other. Well at one time, that was indeed true, but it certainly is not now. A friend told me he used echofon and when my tweetie was crashing THE DAY OF THE IPHONE LAUNCH, I downloaded echofon and was very pleasantly surprised. It has a great interface!

Some of the advantages:
  • it gives you a list of people you follow so you can click to copy them as opposed to manually typing in their twitter name.
  • makes it easy to retweet
  • incorporates instapaper
  • separate page for mentions
  • makes it easy to find people to follow or unfollow
  • easy way to add pics and or video

and then to get even better it also syncs with its desktop app (another free download) so that you always pick up where you leave off. Makes tweeting from your computer so much easier than using the webpage !

Click here to download and check out for Desktop
Click here to download the iphone app from the app store

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luke said...

hi there! a friend directed me to your entry today, as they know i'm a huge fan of Twitter for iPhone (formerly the aforementioned Tweetie). i'm a bit confused: all the things you mention Echofon does better than Tweetie are things Tweetie, errr, "Twitter for iPhone" does as well: easy list to find your followers, swipe & tap retweet, swipe & save to Instapaper, dedicated "@" reply page, and simple photo/video attachments. the only thing missing is the easy follow/unfollow bit, but i prefer to do that via web anyways (personal preference).

so i'm curious: were you simply using a much older version of Tweetie?


Nicki L. said...

I was just browsing Target's website for some design inspiration and found this chair and thought you would be interested!

LG said...

Nikki I LOVE that chair!!

LG said...

Luke, I think that the interface is easier, more user friendly for echofon. I was using the most recent tweetie app because I update my apps every day!
Also when I want to address someone and I cant remember their twitter name, echofon has an easy push to add button with the followers in alphabetical order so i can just click and add and I didnt have the option for that in tweetie.

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